By Melanie: As long as I’ve been a reader, I always have clients asking me “When do you see this happening?” WHEN? That is the biggest question. In today’s society we are so used to having immediate gratification. I understand and relate to this need. This want for our desires to come to fruition immediately, I am just as guilty as wanting it “now” as the next person. When, When, When?

When is the question I hear the most!! No matter the person, the topic, or the type of questions they have, we all want to know the biggest, ultimate, “When”.

1melanie2 I have always had a style of being completely honest with my clients. The reason I left teaching was because I felt stifled, many people didn’t like how honest I was. Public schools wanted me to lie to families about what was really going on. This was against my personal philosophy in life. To my core, honesty is who I am at all cost. If I see something, I will tell you what I see, even if you may not like it. I will do my very best to tell you gently, but I will tell you. I’ve lost some clients this way and angered people, but I can guarantee, you will always hear the truth from me.

In regards to the question “when”, just like anything else, even if it upsets them; I tell my clients the truth. The truth, doesn’t always make them happy. What I try to tell each and every client, and what many clients do not like to hear is this is in your hands. How can “when” be in your hands? I will explain.

I can’t speak for any other reader, but typically when I do a reading the energy that I am doing a reading on is the current energy of a situation so the outcome or the result that I am seeing is about where the energy is right now. This is the same for the “when” piece of any reading.

It would be easier to explain when given a concrete example, instead of speaking in abstracts. A client asked, “When will she call?”. I pulled several cards. I am a perfectionist. I like to listen to both cards mixed with my guides and my intuition. One card, two cards are not enough. I’ve learned over time one card could be a fluke and that’s how it messes with my accuracy. I want to remind potential people reading this, everyone works differently, this is what works for me as a reader. In this scenario I’m speaking to a gentleman who I see will hear from the woman he misses, the “when” I’m seeing is within the week. This means approximately 7-10 days(from the time of the reading).

When I tell a client a time frame I try to round up to the longest amount of time it will take. This is my own personal choice. Why? I’ve learned a lot about people over time. If I’m reading for a person, I would tell them this; if I tell a client the shorter time frame, and it doesn’t come to fruition, now the client starts to think negatively and negatively influences the energy.

The WHEN does depend on us, on YOU, on the person I am doing the reading for. This is where the question “when” really gets interesting, for those who are patient enough to hear me out. When changes all the time. When is energy, affected by our(your) energy. It is affected by positive thoughts, by negative thoughts, etc.

If I told this gentleman that his woman would call him in 6 days, and day 6 she doesn’t call, now he gets stuck in his head, “Melanie was wrong, she’s never going to call” and he gets stuck in a negative loop. He’s just pushed the timeline out farther than it would have originally occurred. Maybe his woman would’ve called on day 7 but with this thinking, he repelled it.

“When” is in fact in our control, clients don’t realize this. In my local area, I teach workshops about manifesting our reality. Energy is malleable, it’s flexible it’s something we can manipulate with our very minds. This not only affects time, but everything around us.

When will she call? When will he come back? When will I get the job? When you do the work, you can speed this up or slow it down. You can help or hurt it. Intention setting, meditation, energy work, positive thinking, manifesting, all of these great things can help your “when” tremendously no matter what your topic, especially if I see it happening, be mindful of your thoughts!

One other factor I want everyone to keep in mind about the “when”. There is such thing as Divine timing, things happen as they are supposed to, so we can help it along as much as possible, but sometimes, it’s just not meant to happen yet because the Divine is at play. Maybe your man or woman is still learning a lesson and isn’t quite ready for you. Maybe you aren’t meant to start this job yet because the other person needs to fall first and there’s a domino effect at play that you can’t see in until that happens. Usually, timing is something that is all connected. We can help it, but we must be patient.

I’ve learned from my guides when I personally have been impatient, and I say “Why isn’t my when happening?” they tell me…“This lesson is for you to learn patience right now”.

Be mindful of the “when” but not everything is about the WHEN sometimes it’s about the journey, it’s about the lessons of getting to the when. It’s about learning how to change the when. Timing is a beautiful thing, but also learn that we need to trust ourselves and divine as well. Have you done your work? Are you sure? If you are answering yes, then push the when button.

This world is too much about instant gratification, take a time out and meditate and reflect.

If we push too hard it will disintegrate anyway, allow perfect timing to help us, then it will happen. Allow the journey to teach you something along the way.

When is great, but don’t lose sight of the big picture along the way. Patience is a virtue after all. We are all here to enjoy the ride, none of us are getting out of here alive, slow down and appreciate what you have.


Love and Light,


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