Think Someone Sent You The Evil Eye?

By Beatriz: Have you ever had a period of bad luck, bad health, and/or a series of unfortunate events? There’s a chance it’s not just happening on itself: maybe someone sent you the evil eye.

What’s the Evil Eye?

In simple terms, the evil eye is negative energy attached to someone, resulting in a series of unfortunate events of any kind, which is generated by another party sending it.

The evil eye can occur for different reasons, not just because of an intended jinx or curse: envy, someone talking behind your back, someone wishing you ill will.

What can you do about it?


The first thing you’ll want to do is get rid of it! The best way to do it, is by cleansing your energy, and this simple ritual will both confirm if you have the evil eye, and allow you to free yourself from it. It’s called an egg cleanse.

How To Perform an Egg Cleanse

Step 1: Grab a half full glass of water (preferably, tap water).

Step 2: Grab a room temperature egg (if your eggs are stored in your fridge, let them sit out on the counter until they’re room temperature).

Step 3: Rub the egg all over your body, touching as much skin as possible, with the intention of knowing if you have the evil eye, and removing it from yourself. 

Optional: you can also say out loud a little prayer or chant custom made for yourself. For example: repeat “with this egg cleanse, I am free from the evil eye sent my way” while you rub the egg.

Step 4: Crack the egg on the glass of water and let it rest for ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 5: Check on the glass with the egg and notice any differences: spider web looking images, bubbles, red spots, ANYTHING out of the ordinary, signs the presence of the evil eye.

Note: Do NOT look at the glass from the top nor take pictures of the top view, as you, or anyone who sees it, will reabsorb part of that negative energy.

Step 6: Getting rid of it for good and performing a return to sender. Add the following kitchen ingredients to your glass with the egg: salt (for protection; other alternatives include cinnamon or garlic) and spicy condiments to return to sender (pepper, paprika, garlic powder, etc); any baneful element will help with the return to sender (such as nail clippings, rose thorns, rusty nails, etcetera; however, be mindful of the things you choose to use, considering what’s to be done on step 7). 

Step 7: Saying goodbye to the evil eye. Flush  the egg down the toilet (without looking at it when you flush it).


You might feel nauseous, dizzy or tired after the egg cleanse: it’s normal, think about it as a detox; you just got rid of a lot of toxicity from you, your body is readjusting. All that’s left is to rest and enjoy the end of it.


Love and Light,


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A straightforward psychic intuitive witch with over 7 years of experience in divination, ranging from cartomancy, scrying, pendulum, and use of clairs (claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience).

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