Mercury Retrograde: Navigate The Energy

By Beatriz: As some of you may already know, Mercury is retrograde for the third time this year; currently, we are during the shadow period of this transit (we are beginning to experience its energy); its retrograde period will be between September 9th and October 1st. This means that the relative movement of Mercury, as seen from planet Earth, seems to be moving backwards instead of forward. These incidents tend to affect us all globally, but in different ways, according to our personal natal chart.


This Mercury Retrograde falls in Libra; starting in the sign of Libra and ending in the sign of Virgo. 


Mercury is the planet associated with the mind, ideas, speech and communication. It’s common for Mercury, during this period, to cause fallouts, misunderstandings, problems with digital things and the internet, cause foggy thinking and to cause delays in the arrival of news. It is also linked to travel issues and things such as car accidents. 

Libra is an air sign, and it’s ruled by Venus; these two factors combined mean that Libra is concerned with things like beauty, creation, ideas, entertainment and speech. Mercury being retrograde in this sign might cause fallouts for couples, arguments, creative slumps, self image issues and a stumbly mouth.

These are all very general aspects that will affect the collective; however, there’s a specific area where this energy will play out for each one of us.


Before we get to it, make sure you know what your rising sign is: it’s the sign that falls on your first house. You can know which it is by looking at your birth chart; all you need is your place, day and time of birth.

Aries Rising

This will affect your seventh house: your descendant. This means you’ll have issues with your partner, friends and day to day conversations; as well as with your second born, if you have one. It’s likely you’ll be misunderstood while talking or misunderstand others. It’s also possible for people that were once out of your life to revisit you and contact you again. 

Tips: try to be very direct while speaking and also fix issues that have been building up with time. Mercury retrograde is great for fixing mistakes we let pass before, because they come back to us. Be careful not to treat your second born like a younger child than they actually are. Remember to give them the independence they need.

Taurus Rising

This transit will affect your sixth house: your routine, day to day life and even maybe your pets. You might find yourself longing for the routine you had some years ago, missing an old version of yourself or trying to get back into an old hobby. You might also remember a pet you had when you were younger, and consider getting a new one similar to that one.

Tips: evaluate what parts of the routine you’re longing for are good habits that are worth bringing back. Make a critical decision and be careful not to do a regression in your personal growth. Think more than twice on drastic changes you want to make (and hopefully, make your final decision by the end of Mercury retrograde).

Gemini Rising

Mercury retrograde will affect your fifth house: your self expression, your creativity and your relationship with your first born, if you have one. You might have trouble conveying emotion, when you create new things (especially if it involves your work) and you might fall into treating your child like they are younger than they actually are. 

Tips: avoid being impulsive and meditate on how you word things when you are upset. If you experience creative block, try exercises or redo old projects you let go of because they weren’t making you happy. As for the first born, remember to give them the independence they need and don’t smother them. 

Cancer Rising

This Mercury retrograde will affect your fourth house: your home life, your relationship with your mother and your views on your family roots and childhood. You might find yourself contemplating a lot of aspects regarding how you were raised, as well as having conflicting views on how your mother parented you, even maybe regressing and wanting to be coddled by her. 

Tips: remember that those memories will always be a part of you. If there are things that you are hurt by that occurred then, try to nurture your inner child and heal from them during this period. Visit your elders and learn more about your ancestry, it might help you understand further about your family. 

Leo Rising

This transit will affect your third house: your communication, mind and thoughts. You might be overthinking a lot about things that occurred in the past, find yourself repeating mental patterns from a while back, and also have trouble expressing yourself.

Tips: be mindful of the words you use and how you organize your thoughts. Give context before giving your opinion, and try to ground yourself regularly to avoid going around with a foggy brain. 

Virgo Rising

It will affect your second house: your work, your pay and your sense of self worth. You might consider going back to an old hustle you once had, or doubt what you are really worth (especially your work and qualifications). 

Tips: be very mindful of how you decide to spend your cash, as well as with how you choose to use your time and what you consider to be representative of your personal worth. You are who you are and hold value because of it, not because of your pay, belongings or anything of the sorts.

Libra Rising

This transit is going to affect your 1st house/rising: your personal presence, your ego and your body. This means you might want to cut your hair back into a way you had it before, might resent your body for its shape or size, or might even feel out of touch with how you present to others and feel alienated from yourself.

Tips: remember who you are and your good qualities. Also, avoid body checking or weighing yourself too much. Avoid drastic body image changes, because any decision you make during Mercury retrograde, is likely to be regretted after the transit is done.

Scorpio Rising

This Mercury retrograde will affect your 12th house: your dreams, subconscious mind and your hidden enemies. You might experience nightmares, restless nights and also a lot of triggering moments regarding childhood and family trauma. You might also feel you are being watched online by people you know do not like you very much.

Tips: practice healthy sleeping habits (have a stable sleeping schedule, avoid using screens before bed, avoid taking naps) and take notes of what triggers you or what your nightmares are trying to tell you. It’s a good time to face the darkness and work through it, so you can release it and be set free, bigger and stronger out of it.

Sagittarius Rising

This period will affect your 11th house: your community, shared spaces, etc. This means you could have a fallout with a big group you take part in (like a political party or at work with your colleagues). The 11th house is also about humanitarian work; meaning you could also feel self conscious about not giving enough back to your community, or feel very moved by social causes.

Tips: avoid being the only fish that goes against the river’s natural course in your workspace. Don’t look actively for conflict. Try advocating for causes you believe in. Remember that charity you’ve always wanted to support, but never got to it? Now is a good time to do so.

Capricorn Rising

This Mercury retrograde will affect your 10th house: your Midheaven, your career or public image, as well as your relationship with your father. This can cause old mistakes in the workplace to resurface, or in the case of well known figures, cancel culture coming for their past. It’s likely you will have to revise things that were half-done in the past in your workplace, and revisit some things that affected your reputation in the past.

Tips: get it right this time. Use this time to fix those numbers that didn’t add up a month or two ago. Also, be true to who you are now and your values. What other people say about you, says more about them, than it does about you. As for your father, spend time with him or think about him, if he’s passed. Remember to forgive and let go, if there’s something that he’s done in the past that has been hurting you.

Aquarius Rising

It will affect your ninth house: travels, trips, exploration and your expression to the outer world. If you’re planning on traveling during this period, be prepared for canceled flights, delays and unexpected deals being changed at the last minute. You may also get misinterpreted in social media when expressing your opinion.

Tips: come with time to all your appointments in case you experience delays. Be patient and try to avoid traveling altogether. Be wary of what you say online.

Pisces Rising

This will affect your eighth house: your blockages, your trauma, and your views on death. You’ll tend to go inward and feel triggered constantly with things that you haven’t resolved in regards to your past trauma.

Tips: accept the darkness and gaze into it. Review why certain things trigger you, why you’re afraid of what scares you. Do shadow work, focus on yourself and be a better version yourself.


Mercury retrograde always means going back mentally to whatever the placement does to your chart. It’s always advised to not make big choices, nor to try new things, but to look back and heal from wounds that we carry with us. 

Some things that are always general experiences are people from our past coming back, technology glitching and trips having delays or cancellations. 

It’s okay to dwell in the past for this time, but be sure to crawl out of it once retrograde goes direct again!

I sincerely hope this article helps you prepare for what’s to come. The wave is coming, all you have to do now is be prepared and stay on your two feet.


Love and Light,


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