The Topaz And Amethyst BirthStones

By George: Scorpio Month October 23rd -November 21st

Scorpio has a few birthstones associated with this zodiac sign. The Topaz and Amethyst are the two that correspond the most, symbolizing the powerful and psychic side of the sign ruled by Pluto in modern astrology and Mars in ancient times. Mars is well positioned this month to give you Scorpios an extra boost of strength and psychic power. Gut feelings are going to expand and be more intense than usual; so be attentive to this and use these insights for the highest possible outcome. With this year’s transit of Uranus firmly in Taurus, Scorpios will feel a direct opposition to their Sun propelling them to experience a time full of changes and unexpected events. This will be compounded by the fact that Mars is in Scorpio for almost all of the season. This energy asks us to re-connect to our psyche, literally our soul, re-imagining our soul contract, so that we can achieve the highest possible outcome for ourselves. The preferred time-line. The Topaz stone is connected to water and hence empathy and psychic ability, so use this stone as a way of harnessing these skills within yourself. The Amethyst stone too helps cleanse the body and mind of unwanted energy by promoting spiritual connection and releasing fears and anxieties. 



For all you Sagittarians, at least for the first half of the zodiacal month, it is going to be all about relationships, whether relating to your friends, family and lover. With Venus in a fire sign for the first part of the month and making a sextile to Mars in Libra there will be a nice balancing act between your yin and yang sides, hopefully making for some smooth and successful outcomes in terms of relationships. Try to get things sorted in the first part of the month so you can ride the wave for the rest of the season. 


The sign of the Goat is going to feel some intensity this month as Mars makes a square to your natal sun by transit. Coupled with the fact that Pluto is still in Capricorn, you are going to be pushed into feeling a deep sense of transformation at this time. Try harnessing this Scorpio energy to build upon your emotional and intuitive skills to aid you in this time of growth and change; it’s for your own sake especially as Chiron in Aries, also makes a square to your natal sun, giving you permission to activate within you the Wounded  Healer archetype.


For you Aquarians, the sign of the Water Bearer, your fixed air energy will square the fixed water of Scorpio during this month, bringing along quite a bit of intensity for the calendrical month. This is a time for you to really be aware of your fixed belief systems and how they may be limiting you in your ability to expand and grow in new areas of life. The lesson here is to witness your desire not to change and by witnessing it you can release some old patterns. 


Mutable water Pisces makes a nice trine to the Sun in Scorpio this month suggesting a good time to allow the dreamwork to expand and psychic ability to really tap in. This is certainly a time to develop your inner “mystic meg” and fine tune your intuitive skills with Neptune in Pisces making a nice trine to The Sun and Mars in Scorpio. Don’t be shy and tell your close friends about your ghost encounters! 


Mars the ruler of Aries is positioned this month in his other domain Scorpio but beware as there is not a direct line of communication between you natal Aries and current Scorpio season. You want to savor your energy and work on manifesting from within, rather than wasting energy which might not translate into something useful in the external realm. With Chiron currently in Aries and making a close opposition to Mercury in Libra you will want to be clear in your lines of communication and always aim for the highest possible outcome.  


The sign of the Bull will activate Scorpio energy for better or for worse this month as the Sun in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Moreover with Mars conjoining the Sun for much of this season, there will be a strong impulse to manifest. Just try to be receptive to new energies coming and random events occurring as Uranus is directly opposing both the Sun and Mars in Scorpio. Try practicing the spiritual notion of detachment and use this time for self-growth and spiritual enlightenment. The highest expression of Scorpio is ‘The Phoenix Rising’ suggesting rebirth and can only really occur when one lets go of old paradigms. 


For you Geminis this will be a quieter month than the previous one. The advice here is to complete your harvest and get all the wood chopped up in preparation for winter. Once the Sun moves into Sagittarius you will be called upon to act. This is a time of preparation and for inner reflection.


This month is going to be a somewhat moody month for the sign of the Crab. Initially with Mercury and Mars both making a square to your natal Sun you will feel the heat of certain conversations which may be bold and somewhat aggressive. Coupled with the fact that Chiron in Aries is also making a square to your natal Sun, it is a time to do the inner work and not just react to external events. My advice would be to not allow the bull horn of the mainstream media to sway you from your inner voice and inner drum beat. Stay sovereign, remembering that the feelings you may have, may not be yours, but may be coming from the collective consciousness. 


Saturn ruled Aquarius is making an opposition to your natal Sun this month, so there may be some restriction being felt on your conscious sense of self.  Try to keep an open mind as secrets are revealed. The rule of thumb here is to stay as fluid as possible and not carry too many of your fixed beliefs with you, which will hurt you as the world adapts around you. Try to stay supple and flexible. 


The Virgoan Maiden represents the archetype of the Nurse, “the perfection of the self to the service of the other.” This month there is going to be a good flow of energy into all things to do with service to self and others. For those with planets in Virgo there is a nice flow of practical creativity as a trine of energy emerges. Just be aware of Uranus making a trine with your natal Sun, thus encouraging you to do things differently and spontaneously. Seize this opportunity.


After a very busy past month, the sign of the Scales is in a calmer position for Scorpio season. Enjoy the peace by settling down and staying a little more sedentary, in order to ground and build upon the projects that were initiated last month. This is a time for enlarging and completing tasks that were previously started but from behind the scenes.


Love and Light,


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