The Sun, The Moon & The Stars

By Sheri: The earth’s energy and the different aspects of our Universe affects each person in a different way.

When there is a full moon, some people cannot sleep, they are irritable, they get headaches and just want to be left alone. Others will gather their crystals, their camera and just bask in the essence of the full moon’s beauty and light.

1sheri2 When there is a meteor shower, again, some people become irritable, they don’t understand, they tend to get upset with people they love but do not understand why. While others, again, they bask in the beauty that comes from watching the ‘shooting stars’ cross the sky while the dream of themselves shooting to a higher level.

Lastly when there is an eclipse, whether lunar or solar, of which a full solar eclipse is coming on August 21, 2017, many people see this as a dark time filled with negativity and God’s way of covering the earth to show that He is displeased. Again, others see the eclipse as a time of rejuvenation, change, letting the negative go at the beginning and as the sun goes dark all things which no longer serve the person are released. As the sun starts to shine through again, new light, new vision and new energy appear.

Each aspect in our Universe can be put out to show negative or positive depending on where you are on your life’s journey. If you choose to be negative during these times, it will enhance that part of you as you move forward. If you choose to see beauty in all the creations and events that come through, your energy will manifest more beauty and goodness into your life. It is all a simple matter of perspective and where you choose to create your life at this time.

When the eclipse comes this month, take the time prior to see what it is you need to declutter from your life and simply let it go. Take a few moments, no matter where you are or where you live, to breathe out the negative energy as it starts and then breathe in the positive as it opens up again. You will find that your life force shifts and things will begin to turn around for you – in a more productive and positive way.

The next time a full moon comes along, be that person that celebrates it. Revel in the beauty. Look at it through a telescope or binoculars and see the beauty and design in it. Know that the full moon energy is there to make you feel energized, not drained. It is there to bring new light, full light, not negativity. If you are that person that is miserable around this time, shake it off and change your thinking even if you have to force it a few times. It will eventually change to where you look forward to each full moon occurrence.

The next time you are feeling your energy being depleted, simply walk outside and view the beauty that is in the sky. If you are in a city, go out to the country where you can truly appreciate what you see. This is when you will feel the closest to your guides and angels – while basking in the glow of Universe’s energy.

Each one of you has the ability to shine as the moon, sun and stars to. It is time for you to take that step to become one with all that Universe has to offer. Take it – breathe it in and just live to the best of your ability knowing that the best is yet to come.


Blessings to you always!

Sheri Baldwin

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