The Sapphire Birthstone

By George: Virgo Month August 23rd-September 22nd

The precious birthday stone for this month is the sapphire symbolizing the bountifulness of what the earth can produce. Virgo is an earth sign and sapphires are deeply connected to this element. It is why this stone can also be associated with the other earth signs Capricorn and Taurus. There is a mutability in the caliber of the light of this gemstone, which explains why Mercury, its ruler, is apt to bring about an intelligent and communicative quality to this sign. When this gemstone is used correctly, it allows for a positive flow of energy to occur, encouraging manifestation. This jewel, much like its zodiacal sign Virgo, is really about discernment and being able to judge what is right and wrong for the individual. Above all, this gemstone symbolizes quality over quantity.

During this Virgo season, Mercury too finds himself ‘at home’ in his own sign, lending further weight and focus to the Sun as it journeys through this zodiacal month. They are also accompanied by impassioned Mars who remains in this sign until the last few days of the zodiacal month. This energy is therefore intense in its focus; where new facts and information will be revealed and disseminated in specific ways. Watch the collective as well as your personal situation this month to see if things are uncovered and discussed in greater detail. 


Emotions may also run deep during this time as you experience new ways of seeing as well as understanding; as Neptune in Pisces, opposes this Virgo heavy month, there may be some confusion. It therefore begs you to be on your guard not to be pushed into an illusory understanding of what is going on. Just because the media tells you that they are facts, it doesn’t mean that they are. Use your discernment to uncover the truth, use your inner compass to process the information, not giving your power away to external sources.


For those of you with strong Libra threads in your natal charts, you will be having more thoughts about love and relationships this month as Venus, the zodiacal ruler, journeys through your sign. The advice here is to take the best aspects of Virgo and learn to communicate more clearly with your partner, whether it is the business colleague or the lover. Be careful not to nitpick and stay focused on the larger picture and not get too caught up in the details as that can derail you from the main plan. 


The Virgo month will help ground your emotional energy at a time when you may feel unsettled as Uranus opposes your natal sun. Try using this nice sextile to better your communication skills, especially regarding work projects.  Check to see when the moon is in Cancer and Pisces during this month as you will get some strong intuitive activations at these times. You will need these downloads to better equip yourself as you will be feeling tension from Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, squaring your natal sun. 


For you Sagittarians, your mutable fire energy will nicely trine the mutable earth of Virgo during this month, so enjoy this cosmic flow of energy. The advice here is not to squander it and build upon your energetic resources. Remember however, that the nodes are still on the Sagittarius, Gemini access so there are still some clearing up to do of old paradigms and thought patterns. Try to release old stories that no longer serve you. 


Cardinal earth Capricorn makes a nice trine to the Sun in Virgo this month, suggesting a good time to build on your work, whether that be internal or external. With Pluto in Capricorn making an exact trine with Mars as well as the Sun this month your higher self will be strongly encouraged to do the inner transformation during this time. Much like the gardener reaps the benefits of the plants planted at this time, this Virgo/Capricorn flow of energy can help create practical processes that allow for transformation and higher levels of consciousness. Just don’t get caught up in too much story as far as other people are concerned; stay focused on the inner work. 


Fixed Air Aquarius is feeling a lot of energy at the moment with transiting Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of the water bearer. There is an intensity for those with strong placements in this sign to question the very structures that their life, hitherto, has depended upon. This can be an uncomfortable time, especially for those who have yet to do the inner work. The trick here is to keep the channels open and be receptive to new ideas. This is a time for big change, even if it is uncertain.


The sign of the Fish will be significantly activated during this month as you will feel the pull of the Virgoan Maiden in direct opposition to your natal sun or any other Piscean placements that you may have. Try to find balance between your imaginative and creative/mystical self on the one hand and the need to pull in the other direction towards practicality and the perfunctory, on the other. It is about integration, as after all, dreamy Neptune is currently opposing Virgo at the moment, pulling people into delusion and fantasy if one is not spiritually attuned.


The energy for the Arian is on the quieter side this zodiacal month and of course everything is relative as Aries are usually synonymous with energy. Maybe the plan here would be to go inward, not react to events externally and try and process the energies that you are feeling, somatize them; attune to your body and listen for the answers as they lie within. It is about witnessing more from the standpoint of your intuitive rather than just the mental plane.


With currently Uranus transiting the zodiacal House of the Bull, you will experience a powerful feeling of change coursing through your veins. Fortunately, with this efficacious flow between the two earth signs of Virgo and Taurus, this motion will feel largely productive and positive in nature. Be aware however that even if you are feeling the positive power of transformation, many others around you may not, so holding space for them, with compassion, is key. 


Mercury who rules both mutable Gemini and mutable Virgo forms a square this month, making it an intense time for the sign of the Twins in terms of how you communicate and process information. Yes, try to stay supple and flexible, but don’t get too pulled into the story and resist the monkey mind.  You are seeking clarity here and not wanting to be overstretched, which is a tendency of Gemini energy. This month you will be challenged by new facts and data, the trick is to sit with it and process it internally before reacting.


You are arguably the most intuitive of signs, so use this powerful energy well in order to feel your way through the barrage of information that this Virgo season will unveil. Once you are anchored in who you are and emotionally calm you will possess great insights into many of the disclosures that are being uncovered. This can be either personal or collective or both. Remain the witness.


After a very busy birthday month, the solar energy that is the hallmark of Leo calms down and becomes a little more sedentary. The recommendation here is to try to play witness to the world and learn from observation rather than action. This is a time to do the inner work, especially as Saturn is opposing your natal sun and any other planets that you may have in Leo. Resist emotional outbursts and try processing your feelings within your own auric field. 


Love and Light,


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