The Ruby BirthStone

By George: (Cancer Month June 21st -July 22nd) The precious birthstone for this month is the ruby, symbolizing the passion and intuition of the Moon, the ruler of Cancer. This unique stone helps maintain vitality and strength of character through creating a shield of psychic protection. Cancer is known as the portal to life itself, where literally those seeds are birthed within the mystical waters of our sacred planet.

This is a month for you to listen to your body and listen well, you will reap the rewards. The Ancient Egyptians saw Cancer as the beginning of the cycle much like we see Aries as ours. Remember the Great Nile annually floods in the month of Cancer starting the cycle once again. 


Cancer is “cardinal water” and is synonymous with emotional and intuitive creativity. Think of emotional fertility. The desire to express a vision will be heightened and more intensely felt this month in terms of relationships, especially for you Cancerians, as the transiting planets make a nice ‘trine’ of energy, at the beginning of the season around the time of the Summer Solstice allowing for a deeper download of spiritual wisdom. This will be especially felt with the activation of the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces at the beginning of the zodiacal month. Make use of this time to stay in your senses, ‘somatically’ feeling your truth by remaining anchored in your sincerity and not letting outside influences hijack you.

This time is blessed with a favorable aspect with the benefic Venus making a trine to dreamy Neptune. Stay grounded in your relationship ideals however, and yes you can set high intentions and lofty goals but not in a way that is totally unrealistic. Remain balanced in your relationship goals whether with lover, friend, business partner or family. Neptune has a way of taking us off planet and unless the focus is specifically within the realm of dreams and mysticism it can be too fantastical, so focus on remaining grounded. Bathe yourself in these sacred Cancerian waters, it will cleanse you.


Fixed Fire Leo will be bathed in a watery feeling this month. Use this time to develop your psychic awareness and intuitive skills. With Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo for most of the calendrical month there is a need to find balance between your masculine and feminine energies, not allowing them to compete with one another for dominance.  Try and use this watery early summer energy to boost your emotional depth, utilizing your fire energy to achieve greater sensitivity; otherwise opposing Saturn by transit will get the better of you.


Mercury, mutable Virgo’s ruler will be in Mercury’s other sign Gemini this month helping you communicate better and more speedily. This should be a time for spiritual expansion for you during this season but be careful at the end of the month, when Neptune opposes your natal sun, not to allow yourself to get swept up in too much fantasy or fake news.  


A challenging astrological cross appears this month for you Libras as your natal sun squares the seasonal sun in Cancer, sparking certain emotional feelings, especially surrounding relationships at this time. You will have success in grounding ideas and then communicating them effectively as the sign of the Scales forms a nice grand trine with Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Gemini. 


The arrival of the Summer Solstice on June 21st will offer a great opportunity and a new start for you Scorpions as the Cancer Season kicks off. The Moon makes a grand trine with the two Benefics:  Jupiter in Pisces and Venus (and the Sun) in Cancer. For those of a higher vibrational character you will be able to intuit and empathize with others to such a degree that you will appear significantly psychic. Be aware that you may be pulled into new arenas as transiting Uranus opposes your natal Sun. 


Having had a very energized last month, for you Sagittarians this next lunar cycle will be a little quieter than the previous. The excitement and business of the eclipse season too which occurred on the Sagittarius/ Gemini access will now begin to calm down and you will be able to get a little bit more rest as well as perspective. Use this time to prepare for future journeys, whether spiritual or physical.


Cardinal earth makes an opposition with cardinal water here, creating opportunities or challenges depending upon your perspective and frequency. Try and work through this potentially demanding season to bring out something long lasting in its benefit. For those of you born in Capricorn season you may well experience some transformative changes in your relationships as Venus opposes your natal sun for about a week after the Summer Solstice. 


For the Aquarian, it is Saturn that is going to be front of stage here as he helps or hinders you in your desire for structure and foundation. Be patient in letting the watery feelings of the Crab to guide you emotionally in making the right decisions going forward. Learn to listen to your intuition and remember life doesn’t just rely on facts and figures.  


The Cancer energy can offer a space for deeper emotional connection and revelation. Remember these are two very intuitive and psychic signs so when they train this is a lot of positive energy. Furthermore in this month there is the extra boon of having Jupiter in Pisces which is very beneficial indeed. The point here is to use this flow of positive energy wisely and not squander it!


For you Aries this is a time to activate your power as the Sun makes a transiting square to your natal sun. Challenges can be problematic but when taken on correctly they offer huge potential for growth to achieve positive change. Furthermore with Chiron currently transiting Aries this is an excellent time for you to go deep within yourself and do the inner work of healing, moving out of old wounds and traumas.


Fixed Earth Taurus makes a nice sextile to the transiting Sun in Cancer bringing a steady flow of good energy your way, but stay vigilant as the innovative and unexpected qualities of Uranus, moving through the steady Taurus earth sign, will bring about unexpected changes and some turbulence especially for those unprepared. The moral of the story here is expect the unexpected.


Having had a pretty intense and potentially exhausting previous month you will be let off the hook a little more during this calendrical month as the sun moves out of Gemini and into Cancer. Try not to overthink things as Mercury still remains in Gemini for the rest of the month. Once you understand that you are sometimes being programmed by the ‘monkey mind’ you will give yourself some well earned rest.


Love and Light,


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