The Power to release the Past!

I want to help you understand the power of releasing the past. You have gone through disappointments, setbacks, disillusionment about a relationship not working out, a job opportunity falling through, a Dream Not coming to pass.

One of the best things u can do is release it, clear it cleanse it out of your spirit your energy. So you can bring forth something even better, Sometimes, what you think is best for you, truly may not be! There is a divine Creator that is always looking out for your best interest, but we have self-will! Maybe what you were looking for was second best, or would have turned out to be your worst nightmare! Remember, Anything you “HAVE” to have in order to be happy is out of balance!

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It is good to have dreams, and have goals, but you must be mature enough to trust, and have faith, your co-creating with the Universe, with Creator! God will only help you be bring forth the very best for your life, even if u think it might be at the time. Do not dwell on disappointment, shake off the fear, self pity, feelings that say your not good enough, no one loves you, or I will never get the right relationship, or I will never be in the place of financial balance that I want.

All those thoughts are negative, and are in your mind, and coming from a lower negative energy, that is only there to defeat you, discourage you, and leave all of those WHY questions in your mind. It is Not important to know why, it is more important to release, and clear that darkness, let go of the disappointments, the whys, you may not always understand why, but why is not as important as…I am clearing and releasing from this thought, feeling, or mind set.

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Everything has a reason, and yes, bad things happen to good people, but when you dwell on it, you just go through life trying to figure out why your family member is gone, why your job did not work out, why u are not with that soul mate. You are wasting your life, you are shutting doors for better doors to open, and bring new Blessings into your life. Do not put a question mark, where God put a period. When you seek resolve, and keep moving in Faith, your life becomes a wonder of Great blessings, and opportunities, you cannot even imagine.

Plant a New Seed, and put your mind, heart and soul, and spirit on that new seed. Nurture it, give it water and feed it! Everything in life is a seed, where you are going is much more important than where u have been. Do not let set backs define who you are, that chapter is over and done, plant a new seed. If a dream has died, dream another dream! Move forward into the new! The Bible quotes “I don’t concern myself with matters to great for me. I have quieted and stilled my soul. When u go through situations that u don’t understand, Quiet and still your Soul. Your life is a Gift, and you have wonderful qualities, abilities, and the only limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself.

When you clear the past, the present comes knocking, and the present is a gift! That is why it is called the present!! Let go of the frustration, let go of the thoughts that are weighting u down, don’t hold on to pain, hurt, sadness, the over whelming negative emotions, Look to Gratitude, and see all of the things you have in your life to be grateful for…Every day start your Day with Gratitude, and I guarantee you will find more things will come into your life for you to be Grateful for!

My Soul Purpose in being here…is YOU! Lets clear the past together, and step into the Present where all your gifts of love, Joy, and Prosperity are waiting!

Lets Talk, I am here for you! God Bless,

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  1. Tracie Pendleton

    I am in love with a beautiful man but his cowardly ways of protecting me from his friend and sexually harassment got us apart. But I want him back in love him so much sometimes I wake up smelling his scent. And just crave him .


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