Dr Sunny and her Wakaya Buffalo Wolf at the International Pow Wow

The International Pow Wow This was held in lake Mary Fl this year. The International pow wow was in honor of Native American National Tribal Leaders. There were over 500 tribal leaders from all over the USA.

Wakaya and I were invited honorary guests for donations for the whitewolfspiritsanctuary. We are a non for profit wolf and horse rescue and sanctuary.

The Sanctuary had an amazing turn out. Wakaya was feed by everyone that came by our stand with every thing from Chicken, baked potatoes and even buffalo meat! He had a great time as you can image!

This was a full weekend of dancing and honoring all of the elders from all the Nations. Many vendors presented all their handcrafted  beautiful gifts and food!

The Prayer Ceremony was so powerful, it stopped the rain and a double rainbow appeared across the sky!

Here are a few more pictures of one of the other honored guests `Thunder and American Bald Eagle, he too is a rescue member, and some of our Dancers ~ In Honor of The Earth Mother ~

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One thought on “Dr Sunny and her Wakaya Buffalo Wolf at the International Pow Wow

  1. maryann wickersham

    something drew me to you. My grandson, Cody, 21yrs old was killed Nov 23 2013. He comes to me and has been guiding me since he is in Heaven. Grandma has taken on City Hall for the past 6 months in fighting for our animals. To change Garland Animal shelter to be NO-KILL shelter. I am doing this to save our precious animal, plus honoring Codys memory. I need to let the news press know about this, haven’t figure out a way to go about it for them to take me serious. The city official do nothing, but down-graded me.
    Thanks for listening. MAW


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