The Universe and her laws.

The Universe tells us its own story as to how it was created and from what it is built upon. It shares with us that every thing is energy, including us; all of our thoughts, words, feelings and actions are energy. Within energy there is a natural order and Universal structure. Energy moves in a circular fashion so what goes around, comes around. Each type of energy has its unique patterns, cycles and rhythm.
To assist with the order of the Universe, there are the Universal Laws, which are the structure that facilitate order, co-creation and manifestation. The Universal Laws are immutable. They are the means by which we continue to exist and can thrive, rather than merely survive. As we learn how to honor, respect and integrate the Universal Laws, we can truly claim and create prosperity and abundance within all aspects of our lives.Have you ever wondered why some people are successful, while others spend their entire lives struggling? If you’re like most people, these thoughts do occur to you from time to time. But what is the answer to these questions? Is it a question of luck, could it be fate or is there something else going on here of which most people are unaware?
The answer is both all around us, above us, and within us, and is called Universal Law. Just like there are Natural Laws that govern nature (such as gravity), there are other Laws which govern all that happens in the universe. From the spiritual to the physical to the mental, to the emotional, everything that happens does so according to Law. It is our job to learn these laws. The quicker we learn them the better it is for us!! What is even more wonderful is that we can learn to use the laws to our advantage. When we do that we are able to achieve whatever it is that we want from life!!! When we refuse to learn then we struggle, or when we think the only way forward is to manipulate, connive, steal, tell lies, etc we find that life is one big struggle, one big fear!!!
You see, the Universe around us is a very orderly place in which nothing occurs by chance. Even though one cannot see the Laws, or hear them, smell them or taste them, they are there. They apply to everything and everyone – nothing is exempt. Whether one is aware of these Laws or not, they still apply –
Life is calling you out, out of these blocked places within you.
Universal Laws form the architecture for all existence. They govern creation and are responsible for the operation of how creation occurs. They are precise, predictable and have an unwavering certainty. Even though they are called Laws, there is no punishment if you do not practice them or invite them into your life to assist you. There is no judgment of who you are  or what you do if you do not incorporate them into your life. The Universal Laws do not discriminate based on age, sex, race, color, faith, deeds or preferences. The only determinate of how they work within your life is you . . . your awareness, your choices, your consciousness, your desire to know!
The Laws are constant and always functioning within your life 100% of the time whether you are aware of them or not. Universal Laws are no different than the Law of Gravity — always there, but usually taken for granted. For the Laws to effectively assist you, you must become aware of them and consciously choose how you will utilize them. Ignoring them is like ignoring that gravity exists even though it is still a part of your life and literally prevents you from floating off into outer space.
If you learn to integrate the key elements of the Universal Laws into your life, then life can become much more simple and synchronistic. If you learn how to harmonize with them, then life will become fuller, richer, and easier. The Universal Laws are a road map of how to harmonize, integrate and align with all aspects of your life with your Higher (Divine) Self and Highest Order. It is essential that you understand how to do this within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of consciousness so you can thrive and manifest what you really desire.
Understanding Universal Laws answers the ‘Why?’ concerning any problem, struggle, lack or fear that you are experiencing. Learning to become a Master of Universal Laws helps you align with the Truth of your Higher divine creator Self, and comprehend how all of life is intricately woven together. The Laws reveal to you a broader perspective of the ‘bigger’ picture so you can see that we are all Truly One. If you do not have love and compassion for your Self then you will not have it for another, and if you do not have love and compassion for another, then you do not have it for your Self.
By utilizing the power of the principles within a Universal Law, you become empowered within your Self and your life to change what no longer works for you or serves you. As you integrate the Laws more and more, any confusion that you may have had about a situation or person becomes clears and you are more focused and certain about what to do next.
Your newly acquired Higher perspective of what is Truly occurring enables you to learn, grow, heal and complete your lessons around the situation or person. You have a sense of freedom and become more confident in who you are and what you do. The bondage of the past are eliminated as you become more aligned and harmonized with your Self and the Laws.
There are key Universal laws that will assist you in your healing process so you can come to a place of more love, compassion, grace, and acceptance with your Self and others. They build a foundation of love, present moment and thrival to create from, rather than a foundation of fear, the past and survival. These Laws teach you how to create from a motivation of love versus fear. When you can create and live within them more effectively, they provide deeper, more profound experiences of what life and the Universe has to offer you.
Within all Universal Laws, there are guidelines showing you what more you need to learn or what is required to be healed and completed from the past so you can thrive. And what are the old patterns and belief systems and fears that are running the show rather than your conscious choice to LOVE – Live Only Vibrant Energy?
By starting with this first set of Laws, you can heal the past and become more connected, centered and balanced with your Self, others and the Universe.
The second set of Universal Laws support you in discovering, co-creating and manifesting what you Truly desire. They assist you in feeling and knowing your True Self and what you offer. They provide an understanding of what your life lessons are and your purpose in life. Integrate these Laws and you will surely experience more success in all arenas of your life:
The Universal Laws are there for us to utilize. They are not only the framework to create from within and our road map to manifestation, they are also our gifts from the Universe.Our Instruction booklet(If we were to come with one) Be willing to receive them and consciously choose to use them . . . it’s your choice to just survive or to abundantly thrive!In all areas of your life!
To learn more about the individual Universal Laws and how you can utilize them within your life, you can speak with me right here.Exclusive to life reader! To help you in Spirit, mind, emotion, heart and soul.Strive to be your best, achieve the highest level of love.Enjoy Abundance and Great prosperity in your life. Experience and embrace all that your life has to offer.The Universe is waiting on you, what you are thinking in your mind, visualizing in your head, and embracing in your emotions… will be in your life! We either create or we disinigrate. The Law of Belief states that whatever you believe with feeling and conviction becomes your reality. It is not until you change your beliefs that you can begin to change your reality and your performance.
You have heard the doubters and the naysayers out there who always proclaim “I’ll believe it when I see it!” In reality, it is the other way around; it is not until you believe it, that you will see it (no matter what “it” is)! Self-limiting beliefs are perhaps the most detrimental of all thoughts, since they absolutely will keep you from the success that you may want, but don’t believe you can attain. There is an old saying that goes ”whether you think you can or you can’t, your right!” This saying is completely congruent with the Law of Belief.
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