The Power Of Prediction

By Brenda: None of us have total control over the things in our lives. Nature and the universe have a way of working that way. That does not stop us wanting to know what the future may hold. Knowing what the possibilities are in the future gives us hope when we are in a tough spot in our lives. Sometimes better than talking it out or just ignoring situations a future prediction gives you something to look forward to. Predictions, especially accurate ones, can be a very special link between you and the super-consciousness.

1brenda2 The super-consciousness is an energy on the ethereal plane that all people and even animals have the ability to tap into. Some people like psychics and mediums are able to tap into this energy more easily than other people. This gift, this power of prediction is very powerful and means that this individual has the ability to see into the future or precognition. Since precognition or future predictions are the most sought after types of readings they lay a heavy responsibility on the psychic. That is where their training and ethics as a psychic has to be very strong.

Some psychics even decline to do future predictions preferring to talk about the feelings surrounding the matter instead of what the future holds. A psychic needs to be very confident in their reading to state a prediction, name, date or place. Part of the training that goes into predictive reading revolves around knowing when to state your prediction. Psychic images come to every psychic differently. Some psychics feel things, some hear things and others see future events. The first impression is always the true one and second guessing your prediction will lead to inaccuracy. Accuracy itself is always based on the connection between the psychic and the seeker. The stronger the connections the more accurate the predictions and readings will be.

Timing vs free will is also factor that exists on the earthly plane, a person’s free will can sometimes delay the course of a prediction. A psychic or medium will show you the future what it holds and what will happen. The recipient uses their own free will to choose the course they want to take. A relationship between seekers and seers that has existed for thousands of years.
What are the best tools for psychic predictions? Almost all of the psychic tools can aid in future predictions.

Sometimes no tools at all are needed, especially in dream work or mediumship. Tarot cards because of their history can often channel very specific details surrounding a future prediction. The crystal ball is the most sensational tools for future predictions and with good reason. The crystal ball channels pure, accurate images. The magic mirror and black mirror does much of the same, but they are much less popular than the famous crystal ball.

Spirit contact is another fascinating source for future predictions and can be approached many different ways. Because spirits of the deceased live in the world between worlds on another plane of consciousness, they can access information clearly and accurately. Mediums channel the energy of those who have passed on to ask them questions for the living. Automatic writing is another good way to ask the spirits for answers and predictions for the future. However the prediction is received, the psychic or medium almost always gets a form of confirmation. Sometimes it comes as chills or raised hairs on your arms and neck. Most always it is a feeling of “ knowing” and a slight sensation of pressure between your eyes in the third eye area. However, future predictions happen, they are most certainly a gift, good or bad to be shared with responsibility with the seeker.

The power of predictions has the ability to not only change a person’s life. When a prediction comes true, it is like a lightning bolt bringing hope and confirmation. It also raises your consciousness to be able see and feel more from the world around us.


Love and Light,


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