The Pieces Of Love

By Brenda: What happens when a relationship falls apart? Scatters to the four winds with no logical explanation? And how do you put them back together again? You may find yourself in a long term relationship or marriage and then suddenly out of the blue it’s over. Or perhaps you begin a new relationship that from all appearances is moving forward, then “poof!” it is gone.

1brenda2 Did you miss the signs along the way? Subtle signs that you ignored but now have come back to haunt the relationship? Love and commitment is complicated and it is not always about how much a person loves or feels about you. There are times when love and intense attraction are just not a strong enough glue to hold a relationship together. Many times we have to put the pieces back together one by one starting with the basics.

When a marriage between two people falls apart, it is often a case of one or both of the spouses growing in a different direction leaving the other behind. Sometimes another person comes along and there is an intense pull towards that person and how they make you feel. What does this mean? Is this your soulmate that will take you out of an otherwise lifeless relationship? Or does this new attraction have the power to show you what you really need to revive your current relationship? When love goes cold you can feel alone even within a marriage or committed relationship feelings of sorrow and under-appreciation can erode the trust you had in your partner. Love and Trust are the important pieces that hold a successful relationship together. Without trust there can never be love,  for it is difficult for love and trust to exist in the same place.

Commitment is the next important piece and one that people often don’t follow through with. A committed couple a couple with a soul mate or karmic connection can go through many changes but still stay together. They grow together and lift each other up through life’s challenges. That is the magic of true commitment! You can be done, completely at odds and then come back together stronger than ever. Why is that? Because often times their relationship started as a friendship, and from that friendship grew trust and from that trust real and lasting love.

So what happens when that trust is broken? How can it ever come back? It is important to remember even though emotions are running high, that every circumstance is different. Often many years and many memories have been put into a relationship, too many to just let it go. When there has been a betrayal it is so deep that it becomes the ultimate challenge to be able to see past the indiscretion to the root of what caused it. There are always two sides to every story! It is even harder to forgive. Forgiveness is another important piece that goes along with Love and Trust and Commitment. Trust can be earned back over time. Commitment to the relationship goes hand in hand with the willingness and desire to put the pieces of a broken relationship back together and it is through that the forgiveness can begin.

Couples that stay together know that a successful relationship takes work and that love itself is not enough. That the pieces of love, the ingredients for a lasting relationship must all be there to withstand time and personal changes. Love, Trust, Commitment and Forgiveness. Four very important pieces that create the pillars of a forever love and one that will withstand the test of time in this lifetime and into the next!


Love and Light,


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