The Pearl And Moonstone BirthStone

By George: Much like Gemini having two personalities, so the birthstone for the month of June is also dual focused being both the Pearl and Moonstone. To complicate things further, Alexandrite is also associated with this zodiacal month and with Mercury its ruler. Here we can see that in the Gemini season we are given multiple options, so the skill is in the selection process and deciding what is prioritized.

The Pearl and/or Moonstone carry a Hermetic quality as they speak to the ability to transmute their energy through changing their essence and specifically their color in different lights. This is a hallmark of Gemini, mercurial in its nature, and thus able to adapt to multiple situations. It is the archetype of the shapeshifter.

This zodiacal month is going to be like no other. We will experience a full lunar eclipse at the beginning of the Gemini season, asking us all to release old patterns and archaic belief systems that no longer serve us. As with all things, Gemini there is going to be a lot of conversation around how and what we release. Some of this release is going to be painful as we learn more about ourselves and each other and discover that much of the world in which we have lived has been an illusion. 


This season’s energy asks us to re-connect to our higher self so that we may master our communication skills in order to speak our truth clearly but kindly. Beware of wasting your energy on mindless gossip and lower frequency information sharing, always aiming to communicate knowledge that has utility and serves one’s own spiritual growth as well as the collective at large. In sum this is a month of purging as the lunar eclipse demands that we release that which no longer serves us. We will see this play out on the collective field too as new information is released that challenges the status quo.


This Gemini season may trigger patterns of excessive thinking, so try to calm your energies this month with techniques that help you ground; perhaps focus more on positive and novel ways in which to communicate to friends and family, using this abundant mental energy for nurturing purposes. Meditation too will help alleviate some of this excessive mental activity.  


For you Leos, your yang fire energy will form a nice sextile with yang Gemini this month, emboldening you to be forthright in your communication skills helping you to achieve your goals through clear articulation. The Lunar eclipse should also be a more positive experience as the fire energy of the Moon in Sagittarius makes a nice trine to your sun in Leo. Don’t waste this energy though, use it for good projects.


Mutable earth Virgo makes a square to the Sun in mutable air Gemini giving you a double dose of Mercury. Beware, therefore of being too impatient with yourself or with others. Mercury moves fast and you have a lot of energy, so use it wisely. Remember specifically, you will naturally be inclined to be in the head this month, so try to feel into the body and balance your emotions with this excessive mental activity. Accept the challenges head on this month and steer for the high ground.


For you Librans, this zodiacal season will not be too intense. Jupiter makes a nice trine in Pisces to your natal sun giving you abundance in those things that you seek. For much of this month you will be playing equally the part of the observer as well as the player. You should benefit from instinctively good forms of communication, as you are just as adept at playing witness as well as manifester. Venus rules Libra and currently resides in Gemini making it a nice time to talk through relationships and share positive affirmations. Declare your love to your loved one and see the spark manifest! 


During this Gemini season, Scorpio energy (usually known for its intensity) will in actual fact be on the quieter side. This month you are called to go within and do the inner, transformative work. Developing /deepening a spiritual practice will be the aim of the game.  Remember that Scorpio natal energy is currently being activated by the current transit of Uranus, forcing the fixed water sign into some deep changes. The advice here is to stay grounded, observe all around you and trust the change that is in the air. 


For you Sagittarians this will be a very active month indeed. With the full lunar eclipse happening at 10 degrees Sagittarius this is a deeply transformative month. The advice here is to accept the ever-evolving situation and focus on the final outcome and not get distracted by frenetic energies that will be caused by this stellium of transiting Gemini planets, Sun, Mercury and Venus all opposing your natal Sagittarius. This is a time to decide which projects to throw out and which to proceed with.


With so many planets in Gemini and the other mutable signs this month, you earthy Capricorns will have a quieter month than usual where you can focus on what you do best, grounding your abilities in order to materially manifest them. Notwithstanding this you will still feel the collective angst of the lunar eclipse and may be in a better position to help others with this much needed shift in energy.


Much like the previous month, Saturn ruled Aquarius still squares Taurus, making it an intense time for you Aquarians; as your foundations, especially intellectual and philosophical, will be deeply challenged and eventually overthrown.  This is a time of disclosure both personal and collective. It is important for you to remain open to these new themes coming through, as it is sometimes hard for a Saturn ruled sign to go beyond his/her belief system. Try to remain open to new levels of consciousness.


Piscean Suns feel the effect of a hard square this month with the zodiac sign of Gemini, so be prepared for an intense energy exchange. With Neptune still at 22 degrees Pisces squaring both Venus and Mercury for much of the month, be aware of possible feelings of confusion, self-doubt and even fantasy in your understanding of what is going on both personally and publicly. Jupiter is the saving grace here, as he is exalted in Pisces giving you a boost in your ability to manifest spiritual insights into the situation. Stay grounded and remain vigilant for too much mental chatter.


The sign of the Ram makes a nice sextile to the sign of the Twins this month, making for a smoother feeling of yang energy. The Lunar eclipse is going to be felt by everyone, and those the most stuck are going to feel its power more intensely. Fortunately for Aries energy this is a positive trine 


The sign of Bull and its devotees will feel a little less grounded than usual this month as only Uranus, the planet of innovation and new beginnings resides in Taurus, an earth sign. Moreover all the other planets are in other elements at this time, making it an important time for change. This change too will be unexpected as Saturn, the planet of conformity and tradition still squares Uranus the planet of rebellion. Be prepared for a shining new era…. is tiptoeing nearer! 


Love and Light,


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