The Magic Lamp

By Brenda: As a psychic and a traditionalist, I am always looking for new and mysterious divination tools. Divination tools have been used for thousands of years by every culture on earth as a method of predicting future events and to connect with the spirit world. One particular tool had fascinated me for years, a tool that has quite the colorful reputation.

The oil lamp, often depicted as the magic genie lamp evokes colorful images of fantastic riches, the magical palaces of the Arabian Nights, Ali Baba and the tale of The Forty thieves.

1brenda2 From age 16, I had been obsessed with Egypt. I could not get enough of the history, mythology and magic of that ancient culture. A culture that during that period in history had been a complete magical society. I knew that I would have to get an oil lamp to explore that method of divination that was practiced by the priesthood and commoners alike in ancient Egypt. I was soon to find this wondrous object or rather it found me the way many divination tools have a way of finding you.

It was 1998 and I was leading a spiritual tour to Egypt. We were staying over three days in Cairo on the first leg of our trip. We would visit the Egyptian Museum and take day trips to the pyramids and Memphis. After returning from the Pyramids I had my afternoon free and decided to go with a friend to the Khan El Khalili, the oldest bazaar in Egypt and a favorite haunt of mine. The Khan is an ancient maze filled with shop after shop of everything from food, gold, silver, clothing souvenirs and whatever you can imagine. It was in one of these shops that my magic lamp found me.

My friend and I made our way through narrow alleyways towards the oldest part of the bazaar. Wild cats and kittens darted out in front of us, people stared at us from doorways and we were starting to feel as if we were lost. At the end of the alley some ancient stone steps led to a shop above. Steps so old that the center was worn into one big groove. We climbed up two flights to a tiny brass shop. The shop was crammed full of every conceivable brass item. Brass lamps hung from the ceiling brass chains, incense burners, dishes, platters were scattered on every available surface. Overwhelmed, I looked at the heaped tables. I was irresistibly drawn to one of them. The dusty brass objects were piled high and gleamed dully. My hand reached into the center of the pile. I felt around then pulled out this fantastic brass oil lamp. Curled and scrolled like the magic lamp of Alladin it vibrated in my hands. I knew I was holding the real thing! I clutched it to me and debated bargaining with the proprietor. At that moment he eyed me slyly. All thoughts of bargaining for it flew out of my head. When he named his price I paid it without out a word.

There have been many ancient papyri written on the methods of Divination by Lamp. All of them involve invoking the Spirit of the Lamp which could be where the idea of a genie or Djinn came from. When the priests or Priestesses invoked the Spirit of the Lamp they often used a young boy or girl that had not reached puberty as a go-between or channel for the Spirit of the Lamp. The wick of the lamp would be inscribed with spells or wishes for the specific purpose. Not having any prepubescent boys or girls to serve as a channel I decided to wing it.

The next day was the full moon and we were scheduled to be in Aswan and the Temple of Isis, I carried my lamp with me and blessed it on the altar in the inner sanctuary of the temple. That night I prepared the lamp. As in ancient times, we painted our eyes with green eye-shadow and I filled it with oil. I chanted an ancient invocation to the spirit of the lamp. One by one we looked into the flame, a mysterious breeze blew through the room. Images appeared and the flame danced back and forth. One by one, we asked our questions. Everyone got their answers and some got answers that they did not ask. At the end of the session the flame flickered and went out we thanked the Spirit of the Lamp. I wrapped it in a pure white cloth and put it aside for another day.

In the years that followed I continued to consult the Magic Lamp sometimes with a room full of people a fairly large crowd. The flame would flicker to and fro, the spirit of the Lamp spoke to many people and even those who had passed on. It found its way from a crowded, dusty shop in the ancient city of Cairo to speak once more to those in need of answers in this world and the next.


Love and Light,


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