The Importance Of Your Dreams

By Sheri: Every one of us dreams in some way. Whether it is a sleeping dream, a daydream or a meditative dream, we all have some form of dreams that come to us on a daily basis. I have often been told “I don’t dream, if I did I would remember them.” The truth is, you do dream and just because it does not create a significant memory in you, does not mean it wasn’t there.

Dreams are important as often your guides and angels speak to you through them. Loved ones who have crossed over will show up in the present and you will see them with people that are living even though they have passed several years prior. Dreams carry messages, warnings and essential meanings to them depending on the context of the dream and whether it came while you were sleeping or awake.

sheri03 Your ‘awake’ dreams are often part of your wishes for your life. When you are wishing for that new car, you will sit and imagine what color it will be, how you will feel when driving it, the excitement to show it off to someone. When you are wishing for that new love in your life, you can dream about how that person makes you feel, how they will sweep you off your feet and possibly ride in on that white horse and whisk you away. When you dream about something negative.. And yes, when you dream about things that you’d like to see happen to someone that has not been nice to you – that is still a dream. It is not congruent with your higher self however, it is still a dream.

What I am here to share with you is more focused on your sleeping dreams or meditative dreams. When you are at your most relaxed, that is when your guides can come to you with the most profound messages.

Dreams are like movies. They have tons of details, are in color, there are action or events that goes continuously throughout the dream however the plot (or message) is only a couple of sentences long. They come to you this way simply because your guides know that you understand a movie when you watch it so they are hoping you will understand the dream when it is presented as a movie.

I am going to give you an example of a recent dream that I had where some people that have passed were sending me a very strong message. I was at a baseball diamond with my grandchildren and when I looked over in the stands beside me I saw my mother, father and grandmother all sitting on the bleachers playing with my grandchildren. This dream was very profound for me. My message was so clear. Those three people had all crossed over long before any of my grandchildren were born. They were showing me that they were watching over them, they were enjoying their spirit and youthfulness and sense of play. The profound thing about this – my now 3 year old granddaughter who was in that dream, often would sit in a room and just stare up at the corner of the room and point and squeal with excitement or laugh. She was sensing the spirit in the room with her. She was open as she had not been told any differently. This dream, simply a confirmation of the reality of what was going on.

That dream was one of the real current time dreams that I mentioned. It was showing me today as my grandchildren are the current and providing me with the comfort that loved ones from the past are watching over them. It still makes me smile.

Now for a different example of a dream that has meaning which represents the past. I was in the war, in uniform and driving in a jeep, however, it was not a soldier’s uniform. It was possibly a nurse’s uniform. There were soldiers around and they were angry. I had a severe pain in my back and realized I had been shot. The moment was so real that I woke with back pain, which I have had issues with since birth. This was showing me a past life where I was shot in the back and killed and yet the pain of that carried through with me into my current life. It helped me to understand why I was suffering from such pain and distress. I addressed it, forgave it and released it and now it’s very rare that this pain in my back returns.

The last dream, the ones that your guides sent to you (or your angels) that carry messages. When you have a message from your guides or angels, they can come in quick ways that you may not understand. It could be similar to “I was surrounded by bluebirds while trying to climb through a door that was tight and small, and when I got into the room, I was trying to get into there was a toilet full of feces and overflowing and I had to go to the bathroom so bad but couldn’t find a place to go.” Now after reading that little blurb you might think – what kind of drugs was that girl taking before bed? Or wow that’s some kind of messed up dreaming. This dream too has a profound meaning to it.

The bluebirds in this dream symbolized happiness and sadness at the same time as well as purification and resolution of opposing people or conflicts that were going on in my life. The small door was the door to what was inside of me and being held onto. The feces in the toilet were the crap inside of me that had not yet been resolved, fixed, forgiven or let go of – thus the reason there was ‘nowhere to go’. Thus this dream simply meant that it was time to release those things that were holding me back, the crap in my life that I was carrying around inside and not forgiving or letting go of and then I would be able to soar free and sing like the bluebirds of happiness. Again, the dream was strange, however the meaning was simple.

Always keep a journal and pen beside you when you sleep or meditate and write down what you remember. Don’t worry if you don’t remember every detail, the important ones will show up on the paper and I can assist you with interpreting each one of them. Also know that if you have a dream that you cannot figure out, don’t be afraid to ask your angels the next night to come to you in your sleeping dreams again in a way that your human mind can understand. They will come again, send the message in a different way ad you can ask for this until you finally get it.

Do you have a dream that sticks to you and you feel it’s important to know what it’s trying to tell you? I would love to interpret your dreams if you give me the details you remember and you may find after a few interpretations, that you will know how to do this for yourself.


Blessings to you always,

Sheri Baldwin

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