The Healing Power Of The Supermoon

By Amy Rose: On November 14th, 2016, there will be a rare and powerful Supermoon. Astronomers refer to Supermoons as Perigee-Syzygy whereby the earth, sun, and moon all align and the moon’s proximity to the earth is at its closest. What is extra special about this upcoming Supermoon is it will be the closest Supermoon we’ve had since 1948, and its proximity will not occur again until 2034. So this is a very special and rare event indeed.

amyrose3 What this event means for us spiritually is that we are given a unique opportunity to powerfully cleanse the aspects of ourselves that rise up to be healed. If you are sensitive, you may already be feeling the effects, which can translate into symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, intense mood swings, or you may find yourself more emotional than usual. All this is unfolding to highlight the underlying core fragments within you that are causing these symptoms in the first place. The intention here is not to cause you suffering, but to allow you to consciously see these parts of yourself very clearly so that you can use the power of the Supermoon to heal them and restore inner peace.

So how do we heal these fragments? We heal them by spending alone time with the moon in meditation, allowing us to become deeply present with every emotion or sensation that arises. Here, we first work to consciously detach ourselves from the emotions that brought these issues to our attention in the first place, and then we move into a space of clear observation where the healing work can truly begin. From this space of observation – free of emotion – we are able to unveil the core issues that lie beneath our symptoms, with the powerful help of the Supermoon’s energy. The energy of the Supermoon helps us by first highlighting our issues in a big way (which can feel like negative emotional reactions), and then helps us to transform and heal these fragments in a mighty way!

If you’re wondering how the Supermoon connects to our inner healing, consider this… In spiritual Truth, ‘All is One’ and everything is reflected inwardly and outwardly into the infinite. As the Hermetic texts so eloquently documented “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul”. We all know that the full moon’s gravitational pull has a direct impact on the ocean tides. And when there is a Supermoon, these effects are intensified. If we think about the fact that about 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, and our bodies also contain around 70% water, we are presented with a tangible example of “as within, so without”. This direct reflection means that the moon not only affects the earth’s water, but the water of our bodies also.

The water of our bodies connects to our emotions, which strongly wave over us during full moons. So just as the ocean tides drastically alter, so too do our emotions, allowing us to see and feel them more intensely. This provides us with a greater opportunity to pay close attention to what they are expressing with a view to heal and balance them out. Supermoons further intensify all of this, and this upcoming Super-Supermoon holds even more energy! This allows us to release and heal so much more and to far greater depths.

When we each take the time to tune in and heal the wounded fragments of our energy that rise up during this time, we are making a powerful contribution not only to our own soul’s evolution, but to the whole collective consciousness as well. This occurs because you as the ‘self’ are part of the ‘whole’ – as all are one. And when you put in the spiritual work to heal and raise the vibration of the energies you are directly responsible for within the ‘self’, it further raises the overall vibration of the collective and the planet on which we live. With every rise in vibration, we elevate to higher levels of peace – both internally and collectively. This route is the only true pathway to generate peace on earth, and it is the single most powerful contribution to world peace you can make.

The Supermoon’s effects can be felt several days prior to, and also following, the 14th November. The more sensitive you are, the longer and more intense its effects will be. Those of you who have the gift of sensitivity have greater responsibility to contribute to the healing of the ‘self’ and the ‘whole’. No matter how much or how little transformation and healing anyone offers, know that it all counts in a positive direction toward greater peace for us all.

Remember, the extent of this Supermoon’s power is not available to us again until 2034, so ensure you take full advantage! And if you need any help navigating the tides of emotion, simply reach out to Amy Rose or another reader at LifeReader anytime for insightful guidance.


Peace & Light,

Amy Rose x

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