The Great Awakening

By Joanne: First, let me say that reality is happening on a number of different levels. And the level you are experiencing is a reflection of the frequency you are emitting (which is in turn a reflection of lessons learned or yet to be learned). This is the basis of the Law of Attraction.

So the question is why do we exist? We are actually on a mission of discovery and experience for the Creator, Source, whatever term you would like to use. Our ‘job’ or mission is to experience life in all its facets – to live life to the fullest to add to the whole of the Creator.


We, as aspects of Source, are in a way far from Home. In this quadrant of the galaxy we took the most profound step – not only did we choose to forget about the existence of Source, we also chose to forget that we are indeed at our core, divine – the Creator itself. We did this for the experience and for the understanding. 

And as a planet we have been enmeshed in this experience for thousands of years.

One of my favorite descriptions of creation and the subsequent exploration refers to the ‘Breath of God’. Our journey began when God breathed out and sent aspects of itself into creation – a journey that is difficult to measure in terms of time.

At the end of that ‘out breath’ is a pause (similar to the pause at one end of a pendulum swing prior to its return movement). This is where we’ve been as a planet – in the pause – for many years. But the ‘in breath’ has now begun and a quickening has begun within Gaia and within us.

We’ve been awakening one by one, group by group – more so during the last two decades or so – awakening to our true identity, our true self. Reconnecting to our heart and our inner self and its connection to source. 

The old patterns and beliefs that have kept us disconnected are coming up to be released and through this process our DNA is changing. The anger, judgment, etc. belong to the lower densities and frequencies and have been anchored in our bodies lifetime after lifetime. This is the lifetime we are going to finally clear them. 

How can you best participate in the Great Awakening? Well, on a soul level you’ve actually chosen to be here and are fully aware of this amazing moment in time. So your soul has an agenda already set up for you – you just need to listen within, drop out of the over-analytical head, and breathe. Who you are really is that still small voice in your heart, the one that has lived lifetime after lifetime, and the personality – “John” or “Jane”, is simply the coat or outerwear that you’ve put on this lifetime.

So on one level the world seems to be falling apart, but it’s actually a time of awakening – a time foretold. On the level I’m talking about, it’s essential to be aware of your reactions to what’s happening around you and in your life. What buttons are being pressed? You are where you need to be experiencing what you’re experiencing. Understand that what you feel does not define you. It is old energies, long held beliefs and perspectives coming up to be seen and then released. And as you feel and breathe and release, while keeping your ‘observer’ active, the energy you are emitting will change and thus your life, your reality will begin to reflect that change. It will morph to match your evolving frequency – a frequency reflecting acceptance, patience, peace and openness. 

There is a new dawn coming. You’ve got this! You can do it! You wouldn’t have chosen to be here otherwise.


Love and Light,


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