The Energy of Color

By Diana: A lot of people are not aware that color has a frequency of energy of its own.

And when talking about energy, it is extremely important to consider the impact that the energy of color has on each of us on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

diana2 The energy of color can uplift, calm, promote healing, agitate, help you to feel more grounded and settled, increase feelings of self confidence and help you to connect spiritually. You can work with Color so it is in your favor or it can work against you!

Assuming you want to work with the Energy of color in your favor please read on.

Here are a couple of examples of how working with color can help you.

Yellow –

On a Physical Level – The energy of yellow can help to balance the energies of our liver, gallbladder and pancreas thus promoting Healing in these areas if yellow is worn in close proximity to these organs and the solar plexus Chakra.

On an Emotional Level – The energy of yellow can increase feelings of self confidence and create a more optimistic disposition.

On a Spiritual Level – The energy of yellow changes your vibration to a higher one. This will in turn connect you with spiritual beings of a higher level.

The Energy of yellow also helps to draw in and attract energies of prosperity and success.

Ways to incorporate Yellow into your Energy – Wear yellow clothing, particularly close to your solar plexus chakra just below your rib cage, wear crystal jewelry such as Citrine or Sunstone. Have yellow in your home. In a room where you particularly want an uplifting feel paint it yellow. If you practice candle magic and you want to draw in prosperity and success use a yellow candle.

Another example is the Energy of Purple

On a Physical Level – Purple promotes healing in the areas of the Head. So for headaches and earaches and such purple is a great color to have around you.

On an Emotional Level – The Energy of Purple generally has a calming effect.

On a Spiritual Level – Purple has an energy that helps to connect us spiritually in a clearer manner and on a higher level.

Ways to incorporate Purple Into Your Energy – As purple works best with energy around the head, wear purple colored earrings such as Amethyst, Sodalite (Earrings because you are wearing them close to your head) Wear purple clothing, plant purple flowers in your garden or place a potted plant in your home or outside your front door. Have lavender in your home or burn it as incense.

Use your imagination! Get creative! But do not overlook the importance of color and its influence in what you put out and what you draw towards you.

So it is very wise to carefully consider the colors you are adding to your own personal energy i.e. the clothes you wear, the jewelry you wear, including in your Magical Workings as the energy you include will determine the energy that you send out and draw in.

Here is a list of colors and they type of energy they best help with and influence.

Brown – Family matters, protection of possessions, connection to the earth, connecting with your ancestors, when grounding and centering energy is needed, healing of animals.

Red – The lusty side of love, passion, sex, protection, courage, aggression. E.g. If you were working to help a person with cancer you might want to include the energy of red such as a red candle to attack the cancer cells. Helps to balance the Root Chakra

Orange – Success, to increase creativity, to uplift, to draw good luck
Helps to balance the Sacral Chakra

Yellow – Upliftment, good health, vitality, success, self confidence
Helps to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra

Green – Prosperity, healing (particularly emotional healing), connecting with the Earth
Helps to balance the Heart Chakra

Blue – Peace, healing (healing on any level), clear communication
Helps to Balance the Throat Chakra

Purple – Spiritual awareness and connection
Helps to balance the 3rd Eye Chakra Pink – Friendship, romantic love, to soften hard feelings Helps to balance the Heart Chakra

White – Purity, clarity, truth and justice.
Helps to balance the Crown Chakra Black – Banishing negativity So whether it is with your clothing, your environment, your jewelry, your spell-work Co lour plays a huge roll.




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