Valentines Day and Love

By Diana: This day can be the most romantic and exciting day of the year or it can make you feel like crap.

If you are one of the “This day makes me feel like CRAP” crowds, remember that to find that person who is going to make your heart beat out of your chest you need to love yourself first. I know…. cliché but it is true.

diana2 There are tons of jerks out there. There are users; there are losers (Sigh)… so many users and losers.

And in the sea of wrong people, there is also the right person for YOU.

How do you sort through this mess?

You need to listen to yourself. Your REAL and authentic self. What do you need in a partner? What do you have to offer? What do you need (I mean really need) in return? What do you need to make your Soul happy?

If you are currently with somebody, how does the person you are with make you feel? Do they make you feel like there is something wrong with you? Do they try to clip your wings and to make you be what THEY want you to be? Or do they make you feel empowered? Do they support your goals and ambitions? Do they make you feel good or bad about yourself?

n my experience the majority of people give away their power. People are concerned with “how does he/she feel about me” “is he/she seeing somebody else?” “Am I enough for him/her?”

How about is he/she enough for YOU?

Does he/she fill YOUR needs?

Know that YES, you are worthy of love, respect and to accepted exactly as you are. And if somebody comes along who doesn’t accept you for you and give as much as you do, they are not the one and you can do better. You deserve better. Sometimes we have to kiss our share of frogs to find the one, but there is a lot to learn from frogs.

Frogs teach us what we want and don’t want, they can reinforce our values, our belief in ourselves, what matters and what doesn’t. They teach us to be true to ourselves. So don’t beat yourself up too much over your last frog. The right person is out there, the frogs are getting you ready. Little do they know, but these frogs are helping to build your strength and character. Take what you have learned, keep moving forward and realize that you are enough. Exactly as you are.


In Love and Light,


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