Ten Tips For Handling Change

1) Recognize that you need to change and in which areas of your life that change may best serve your

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2) Manage your fear. How? By facing it. Usually by facing your fear you find out that it was never
as bad as you imagined.

3) Set positive expectations within your physical or emotional capabilities. Educational limitations
can be changed by further education if you so desire. If you set the bar too high, then you are
setting yourself up for failure.

4) Learn and accept things that happen in life then you will be able to adapt more easily.

5) See change as an opportunity to learn and explore new horizons in life.

6) Talk to positive people.

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7) Don’t burn your bridges with important relationships in life. Always leave either a relationship
or job on a positive note.

8) Negotiate your outcomes realistically.

9) Acknowledge your feelings

10) Be determined to keep those goals.

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