Superhuman Love

By Gail: There seems to be a craving within the human heart to experience a love that surpasses this existence. A love that is superhuman; beyond human; divine. No boundaries, no limitations, no conditions. Unconditional love expands beyond all that we know and encompasses all that we are. This is the love so many people think they are seeking. They seek unconditional love and yet they are imposing conditions upon it. They seek a love that is without conditions without realizing that the very act of seeking is a condition in itself. 

The love that transcends all of time and space has no basis in the human condition. What we are afflicted by is for the most part attachment, infatuation, attraction, desire. None of these things are unconditional love. None of these things are enduring. They will not transcend the boundaries of our human existence. How can they? How can an attachment to someone’s physical form continue when that physical form no longer exists? The true superhuman love that you seek goes beyond what a person looks like. 


This kind of divine love requires constancy without attachment.

Constant – love them always, no matter what. If your mood constantly changes depending on what the other person does or doesn’t do then you are not experiencing love. If your love increases and decreases in accordance with how they are behaving then it is not love. Unconditional love does not increase and decrease – it is constant and infinite. Boundless and eternal. 

 Resonate only with the frequency of love, send only vibrations of love to other people. Include everyone in your love – make sure it is inclusive. Pure love does not diminish based on the other person’s behavior. If you love them when they do one thing, then hate them when they do another thing, then that is not real love. How can it be real love if it is coming and going like that? Real love is constant and consistent. 

So how can you love a person that has betrayed your trust? Someone who has cheated on you or deceived you. Should you still love that person? Surely you feel they do not deserve your love after what they did. How can you love them now? Why should you love them now? If you don’t love them now because of something they did then what you had was not love to begin with. Real love is constant and unwavering. When you think of people, think only with love. If you cannot think lovingly towards a person then do not think of them at all. Whenever they enter your mind stop the thought process – and then think about something else. Something that you want. You can choose what you think. You can choose what you give your energy to. 

You do not have to keep this person in your life. If a relationship is not for your greater good you do not have to continue it. It is your choice to continue your life path with another person. If you choose to continue your path with someone who has hurt you then do so consciously. If they are toxic, it is probably best to let them go and you can do it with love, not with malice or hate. You do not have to stay in any relationship that is not serving your best interests. You can choose the relationships that you want to have and you can choose to love everyone, whether you are in a relationship with them or not. Letting go of someone with love is hugely powerful. When you can love them and let them go then that is divine.

Difficulty letting go of a relationship can indicate that we were never totally involved while we were in it. If we do not completely immerse ourselves in love, then we have not given 100 percent. We have not given love unconditionally. We have not totally lived that relationship to its fullest so we always have that lingering connection. We cling to the past because we did not experience its totality the first time round. This is not love. When just being together is the most beautiful thing, nothing else is needed. Nothing has to be done or said to prove real love – it permeates everything and exists infinitely. 

We are expressions of love. That is the nature of our being. If you are afraid to express your feelings for another, then what you have is not love. Attachment, infatuation, desperation, need – these things are not love. If you fear that you may be rejected then what you have is not love. Love has no fear of rejection. Someone else’s capacity to receive love does not diminish your capacity to give it. Fear of rejection is learned behavior, it is not our natural state of being. When you can truly love someone with no expectation of that love being returned, then you are on the path to a love that is superhuman. For your love to be superhuman it is you that has to go beyond the bounds of being human – love that is superhuman has everything to do with you and very little to do with the other person at all. 

Superhuman love does not come from another person. It is all about you. Stop trying to figure out what the other person thinks or feels or what they are doing now. Trying to know or change another person’s thoughts or feelings has nothing to do with real love. Concentrate on what you are thinking and you are feeling and you are doing. How can you experience more love in your life right now? It comes directly from the source. It flows to you and through you from the very nature of existence itself. When you tune in to universal love then that vibration is magnified and amplified. You resonate with a power and magnitude that goes beyond our limited human conception of what love should be. 

When you allow the love of the universe to flow through you there are no conditions, no limitations, no expectations. The love that you experience from source transcends our human identity. Resonate the vibration of love in all that you do and to all that you encounter. Superhuman love begins with you. Allow yourself to receive it. Embrace it. Let it encompass you and become a loving beacon of light. Let your human being experience a love that expands beyond the physical self. There is a love that is superhuman – drop your human conditions and go beyond your human limitations and you will discover just how super our human love can be. 


Love and Light,


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