Soulmates Versus Twin Flames

By Brenda: Love and relationships are often the most pressing and mysterious issues in our daily lives. One that is able to lift us high into the clouds or leave us twisting in the wind with no clue as to how we got there. As a fourth generation psychic medium that specializes in love relationships, I have been asked many times about Soulmates and in more recent years Twin Flames. What is the difference between the two?

1brenda2 Soulmates and the concept of a Soulmate is based on the theory that each one of us has lived more than one lifetime and that in that in a previous lifetime people that we have had relationships with are born again into this lifetime so that we can have another relationship or complete one with them in the present. A Soulmate is someone that you feel drawn to on a spiritual and emotional level that goes beyond just attraction.

With a Soulmate you feel as if you have known that person all of your life, but in fact, you may have only just met them. With a Soulmate there is a bond that spans time. So how, if we meet someone who we have that strong, incredible and transcending energy with and the relationship fails or is unavailable, why is it not the one for all time? How could the universe, God/Goddess betray us? How could I have read all the signs so wrong?

Just because someone is a Soulmate it does not mean we will be in their lives forever sometimes we come together to learn valuable life lessons or to complete lessons from another lifetime. We have more than just one Soulmate, for we have lived more than one life.

A Twin Flame however, is more likely to be the soulmate that completes you in this lifetime. This connection not only spans time, but connects you on a higher spiritual and emotional level. The reflections of our own souls that is able to enhance our lives and lead us on a journey towards spiritual awakening.

Twin flames just like the soulmate can manifest as a lover or a friend from a past life. One of the ways to determine this is to compare horoscope charts, particularly the nodes and the Venus and Saturn connection. A conjunction between north and south nodes and Venus and Mars connections, flipped and complementary are a real clue. Your Twin Flame will be the relationship that will complement and uplift the areas in your life that you struggle with a love of equals.

A transcending love one that allows you to open up, to be yourself and accept and give unconditional love. A mirror into your own soul that shows you the unlimited potential in this lifetime and the next. Similar but opposite, the Moon and Sun, As above so below!


Love and Light,


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