Soulmates And How We Can Find Them

By Carmel: Over the many years that I have completed thousands of readings for people in my life, there has always been a recurring theme in many of the relationship readings, many people want to know about when they will meet their soulmate or significant other or will they meet another soulmate if they have lost one? Well , to answer that question, I really need first to speak a little bit about the spiritual realms and how close they are to us as we are in our journeys on earth.

I feel that as a reader, we learn a great deal from our clients about the spiritual and metaphysical realms as many bring their own experiences with them to share or have manifesting in their lives that convinces them that there is another realm, just as we the readers are able to share with them our certainty that there is more to life than the physical world due to our own experiences and manifestations of same in our lives, and to help and assist them in their lives to make better choices with our guidance if we are sincere practitioners in this area.


The other night I was listening to a woman who recounted her experience with spirit when she was a child when she saw a light energy being who she realized was her dear friend who had passed away. She had no idea he had passed but the news the next day confirmed it to her family. Giving her through her life long faith in the realm of spirit and her experience is not unique, there are many of us who know that there is another realm and that the best way to see this area is to have faith in another dimension as a place where our spirit comes from and returns to, and importantly to understand that we are more than flesh and blood we are soul energies. This is where we get the concept and longing for a soulmate from, the real home of our souls. From my many spiritual experiences in my life, I am 100 percent convinced of the power of the spiritual world to enter our lives and help us in every way, but we need to have faith in it to allow our guides to help us and to manifest its power in our lives.

Many times in reading with clients tells me that they long to believe in a spiritual life, but, find it hard to let go of their fear of what it would be like to accept that a spiritual world exists. I feel it is important to state that if you do not believe in a spiritual world. It is hard to open the gate or door to the manifesting in your life of a soul partner, although, you may meet a number of people who are potential mates even if they are not your true soulmate.We are mind, body and spirit, not just body and when we seek a mate who shares our lives, we do need to also be ready to embrace the concept that our meeting and connection will be a spiritual one.

When we are young, it maybe hard to recognize what we really need in a true soul partner or mate, and we may take some years of maturing before we encounter the person who is right for us. However, we must also be aware of our soul’s destiny path, and my belief is that we evolve and grow as souls not in terms of years but in terms of our willing acceptance of our learning pathways, that will always involve some degree of challenge and sometimes, periods when we cannot always manifest exactly what we want. As we develop as older souls though, we realize that we are always in the place we are meant to be at the time we are meant to be. However, the closer we come to accepting how important the spiritual realm is to us even in our everyday life, the stronger is our capacity to manifest the life we need to aid our greatest happiness. So in the first case, we need to accept a spiritual world and be willing to allow that to become part of our lives, before a true soulmate can enter our lives, unless we are born with our soulmate at the same point as we are, and we see this in people who have known their soulmate since childhood or childhood sweethearts.

Next, we have to allow that we will meet a number of people who are like soulmates but are more like karmic mates, and that we will sometimes need to learn to let go of people that we can no longer really have in our lives because for one or other of us the relationship cannot go on as quite often happens with karmic mates. In these cases, we can say that we are letting go of a karmic mate to move on to leave the door open for our soulmate to enter our lives. It is also important to state that there are no failures in love or relationships, as all such relationships are there for our souls to learn from on the karmic wheel.

No person can destroy your faith in yourself or the spiritual realm and that is why for many people to find a person who is on the same page spiritually with them is very important, as it is important to realise that we do not have to allow negative relationships to define our future, there is always hope for better and you should always hold that in your hearts as that will help it to manifest. Consider those soulmates, and I am sure you have read of or known some, who meet but are separated by circumstances beyond their control who still meet years later and still have the same love for each other. There was a story in the media recently of two soulmates who only recently married despite being separated by decades and losing touch with each other due to war. Soulmates have a love that is not impinged by years, fates or the tides of life, it is eternal as their souls are too. It is also possible to have more than one soulmate and that is because we as souls, I believe, live many lives and during those lives we meet different souls who are in tune with our destiny.

How then do we open the door for a true soul partner to enter our lives? I believe it is necessary to clear away and move on from negative attachments from the past but to do so with goodwill if we can. Being able to move on fully from those relationships which cannot in the end aid our destiny helps us to clear the pathway for a better relationship to enter our lives. Start to let the spiritual into your life, read books and articles that are positive and spiritual in nature, meditate and have a special part of your home, no matter how small it is ,to do a daily mediation in. Before you do this, visualize the right partner coming into your life who you are ready for, who will be your soulmate and see yourself being ready to embark on a great adventure together. Know that you have met a soul partner before in another life and that you are calling to that person or one of them to be with you again. Start to believe in your spirit guides, have a reading from a trusted psychic or get a spiritual artist to draw or paint your guide for you, as being in touch with your guides can also help you to find the right person but at the same time, and while it is the most natural thing in the world to seek your special soulmate, know that you are a very special soul in your own right and very valuable to many others who share your spiritual journey. Always value yourself as a soul first, you are worth it, and belief in the soul realm will help you find and manifest your best path and partner.

By all means, socialize as you are able to do whether online or otherwise, and in a safe way only due to the time we are in, as in many places we are required to practise social distancing, at this point, but as you do this, put out to spirit that you are welcoming of a new partner who is your true soulmate to come in now,and let go of any fears you have, this is the best way to attract someone new and lasting.

To find out more about your soulmates or spirit guides or for any questions you have contact me for a reading by chat or phone.


Love and Light,


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