Soul Paths Reunited

By Shannon: The soul path it is believed is set before birth and maybe many eons or segments of time have passed since we last saw the soul partner or friend again. The soul paths reuniting can have a powerful effect of change on our lives as the reentry of someone who we feel we’ve known all our lives can empower us to make the changes we need.

I’ve discussed this soul phenomena before, but this is the reuniting of soul lovers/ friends or even just associates, I will discuss here the types of changes a reunification of the soul can have on our lives.


1. The soul journey usually has some reason or direction, and the reunification of the soul person reentering our life can sometimes trigger this change in direction making us more motivated to make the changes we need. No one has to actually ask for the changes as the soul already knows it needs these changes and once they realign with the soul person the catalyst and push for change seems easier and not as hard as we thought.

2. Finding your way out of past struggles can seem hard and people don’t always do what we want and we keep hoping and wishing for change but make none, but the reunification with the soul person and soul direction pattern returns us to the path we are meant to follow in our lives, this makes it very much easier to know the right directions to go when decisions come up that seem hard.

3. A conversation with your soul friend or partner can show that both of you at some level have similar ideas about a future direction of where you both wish to go in your life or the joint lives. It’s easier when the goals align to get there and you will find a soul partner who has reunified from another soul life with you tends to be clearer in what they want and this makes it easier for you both to get it.

4. Setting these goals isn’t a one off thing just like any plan goals must be reevaluated over time and adjustments made if necessary, but when you’re led by your soul path it gets easier to know when adjustments are needed. So we watch the erratic nature of a butterfly thinking it doesn’t know where it’s going each time it flutters off, but like your soul it knows the path it’s on even if it veers off here and there on the way. Your soul partner may be the same knowing the direction they are going even if their actions appear erratic to you.

Once you reunite in this life with your soul person, life becomes less of an existence and survival and more a plan to help each other and the world. Focusing on this inner journey and the guidance it gives us like a beacon of light can help us through the rough seas of life back to the solid goals we want to achieve this lifetime with the help of our soul person.

Thank you please come and talk to one of our psychics or advisers for further guidance.


Love and Inner Soul Light,


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