Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

By Eve: There are many different types of soulmate connections. We have many soulmates, but we only have one Twin Flame. There are many ways to know you have met your Twin Flame, but then again not everybody has a Twin!

Meeting your Twin Flame changes your life, she or he activates your heart in a way it never has been activated before. It is usually followed by an intense phase of emotional release. This cleansing takes place to make space for new energies to come.

1eve2 Usually meeting your Twin is very special. You know when you do! You feel a sense of coming home, a sense of reunion, a “deja vu”. Then your life is never the same, it is impossible to go back to who you were before. You are taken on this path of releasing old patterns, old wounds and old energy, a path of total self-transformation to bring you to the real you, the authentic you.

It is not an easy path, it takes great efforts and strength, but it sure is a beautiful one.

Here are some signs that you have met your Twin Flame:

● The way you meet has usually something meaningful or magical.
● You feel you know this person even though you have never met before.
● Some people start getting visions or memories of past lives.
● You just know this connection is not like any you have ever felt before (some will feel the heart activation energy). This  energetic connection is one of  kind and very intense.
● An internal sense of knowing, you just know you have met someone you were supposed to meet.
● You get triggered as your Twin soul reflects your own issues, weaknesses and opportunities to work on.
● You feel each other intensely, you can feel their physical symptoms and pains, you can hear their thoughts, telepathic communication happens, you feel their energy all the time, as if they were physically with you.
● You feel as if your life has changed forever and there is no going back.
● You are pushed into awakening and a process of purification.
● You feel as if you are looking into a mirror, especially when they speak.
● They are your perfect complement in all senses of the word.
● Before meeting your Twin you usually had a karmic soulmate relationship or something close to it. An intense relationship that some people will refer to as the false Twin. It was in my words, a relationship that prepared you to meet your Twin.

Without this important steps it would of been hard to sustain the intensity of the energetic connection of a Twin Flame relationship.

They are many other signs you have met your Twin, each journey is different and unique. Your inner knowing will tell you if they are your Twin or not. It is possible to have doubts still, a trusted reader should be able to help you with this. But not just any ready, the Twin Flame energy is a special kind of energy and not all readers are able to tap into it!

Meeting your Twin Flame takes a lot of work on your part, but it is something that can’t be described and it is sacred. We are lucky to meet our Twin and we need to honor the connection in every way possible. The path of self transformation is a beautiful one!


Love and Light,


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