Reset And Reboot For 2022

By Sarah: This is my message to you for 2022 – the triple digits show this will be a spectacular year.

The direction you are heading in for 2022 is absolute success at whatever you put your energy into. Whether that be work or inter personal relationships. The key here is to focus on what you want and not on what you fear okay? Your thoughts literally create your reality – very much like a computer game – so you need to avoid fear based thoughts (ie: worry) and replace the word with something more constructive and positive like ‘concern’. Nothing is working against you – everything is happening for you.

Before New Year, get yourself a book so that you can start journaling. I mean this – handwriting is a very powerful manifesting tool. So if it is a soulmate relationship and happiness that you wish to maintain. Write down a paragraph about your perfect life and where you see yourself in 5 years. If it’s career growth you want – write down the plan. If it’s wanting to learn how to manifest – write down a whole load of random things and see how long it takes for these things to appear. People like us – the dreamers – are needed to dream a new reality for this world. The bad stuff that happens on the planet is simply dark matter – consciousness from humans who have no idea how they are being controlled by external forces. So, get looking for that journal and a nice pen and keep it next to your bed.


Before the New Year begins – take an hour or two to send messages to those you care about – including work colleagues and clients. Let them know how much they mean to you. Not only is this beautiful karma with a high frequency vibration – but also many people are NOT doing so well at this time of year and we should be more generous during this time with things that do not have monetary value.

All the magic you need to create a beautiful life can be found inside of yourself. I am seeing strong roots and unlimited growth happening for you in the first part of 2022. So you do need to be brave and walk through doors when they open for you okay?

Know exactly what it is you want to achieve. Yes, COVID is pretty frightening at times but just work with it. We know how to stay safer and we must be intelligent. Everything is fine – everything will work itself out. Just keep focused on your goal. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

To really have a safe and successful passage through 2022 -light a candle and ask your Angels to guide and protect you on your path. Whenever you light a candle the Angels will be with you. Angels are very powerful – even written about in Revelations as signs of the time of change and transformation – and as many of us as possible need their divine protection. Believe me in times of need or stress just call on them and reality will shift for you.

Prayer is also very powerful and is making a huge comeback in esoteric circles. So do not forget to close off each day with a word of thanks. Remember to turn inwards for ten minutes each day – cut off from the human matrix reality and just center yourself and let the world spin without you. This allows the random nature of the Universe to shift perception and manifest miracles. Patience is key – slow life down just a little and be more present in the moment.

I hope you see how all of the above gets you to connect to the incredible power of your mind. There is a bit of a life journey showing for you in 2022 – shifting through karma and changing your direction to be more in line with what would bring you the most happiness. I have included two articles that I wrote at the end of this email which will explain more to you about this.

Be happy and grateful for what you have – the loaf of bread in your bread bin, the petrol in your car, special people in your life. Try and keep a balance with everything – work, play, love, home, spirit. Your heart is totally empty which means it is now time to fill it up with all the good things that make you happy. You have certainly walked your path with grace. You will be feeling things on a far deeper level now and you have worked through any emotional pain or trauma from the past successfully.

So for next year I want you to see a clear run for yourself. The most amazing thing is that you have had SO much patience – yes indeed you have been following in the legacy of your parents by having time apart but this has just deepened your love for each other. You are actually wise beyond your years and you are one of the lucky ones- your parents were able to give you all the love and attention that you needed to be a beautiful and emotionally strong woman who will go out and do great things in this world.

You Have good fortune favoring you next year and success and victory will come your way in everything you set out to do. Yes of course, at times there will be stressful periods but the key is to just drift through the stress without feeling the anxiety. It’s all about self mastery and control of our mind.

A new cycle begins with the New Year coming your way and the old will fall away. 2022 is a triple number year and it’s loaded with possibilities. Although do not be concerned or surprised. If things are slightly stressful at times – just go with the flow of things and breathe through the moments. In all honesty, you and your mom have done so many courses, so much soul work – you have all that you need to dream as big as you can and just manifest the most beautiful life where you can also do the most good for others.

2022 will be interesting to say the least. I will be available all through the New Year festivities so if you need someone to chat to, you can lean on me.


Much Love and Light,


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