Many of us experience Deja vu don’t we? The strong feeling we have experienced some place or person before.  Some of us drawn to a certain era and the clothes they wore.

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One of the most powerful teachings, which was specifically left out of the Bible is reincarnation.  Yet many of the major religions do indeed believe in past lives.  During my studies and research through many teachings, I discovered a wonderful prophet and healer, Edgar Cayce who had authored a small book that was passed on to me years ago which speaks about “Theodora” the wife of King Constantine and how the teachings of reincarnation were removed at the Council of Nicea by her.  In the Bible it is written about being “born again” but those in control of the scriptures at that time have carefully put their spin on what that meant. After all, how could religion control humanity if there really wasn’t a burning and torturous hell? 

Edgar Cayce and Michel Nostradamus are two of my heroes and we share the same Life Path number which is 8.  These famous people were healers and prophets in their day.  When we are following our “calling” we will be shown who our soul was before this lifetime and what our Divine purpose is.  Only those that are walking a path of spirituality and giving back will receive this gift.  People say to me…”why is everyone’s past life a famous person”?  We see the powerful lifetime of that soul because at the point in their life now, they need to feel their own power to move forward towards their true soul destiny.  We all have had dark lifetimes as well, but those will be revealed only when we have a block that keeps us from moving forward in a career, health or love. 

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One man I worked on had feet that burned all the time…no doctor could help him figure out what was wrong.  In his session with me I saw him as a Native American man with a family.  He went back to his village to find it had been burnt to the ground and all his family killed.  He kept trying to stamp out the fires with his barefeet.  His soul died in that lifetime broken and shattered and the pain of that came back into this lifetime manifested as the burning in his feet.  Once I revealed this to him in a healing session…his feet stopped hurting. When we clear the past those fears are brought out of the darkness of that trauma and in to the Light.

We do indeed live other lives and we do have blocks from this life and others.  In society we treat the body and the mind….and forget about the Spirit.  Yet it is our Spirit that will go on after the body dies…so we best make sure it’s as healthy as it can be.  If not, we need to find a healer that will help us.  I am honored to be that for so many.   

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