Regaining Your Personal Power

By Patricia: We all feel helpless at times, and we all wish we could have more control over our lives. There is a way to make that available to all of us. The first step is to decide what we really want. Do we like our lives the way they are, or would we make changes? If we want to make changes, what changes would they be? Which change is most important? Is that change doable? Am I willing to do what I need to do to make that change?

1patricia2 None of these are easy questions, but they are important. If we don’t know what we want, we will certainly never get it. One good way to start is to meditate on the first question – what do I really want? This is the basis for everything else. During your meditation, ask yourself: What parts of my life do I like (spouse, home, family, job, friends, etc.)?

Concentrate on that one question, explore it, ask your guides for input. This gives them the opportunity to tell you things you may not have been ready to hear until you started looking at this question. This also helps you focus on the positive things in your life. It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, we forget to pay attention to the things that make us happy. Just that one action alone will change your life for the better and make you stronger. Paying attention to your blessings uplifts your spirit and gives you confidence. Look at it this way; if you look around you and expect to find the negative, that is what you will find. If you look around and expect to find the positive, that too is what you will find. How much happier will you be if you focus on your blessings, not your problems?

Once you know what you want, start planning on how to get it. If you’re looking at a change in career, what do you need for the new career you want? Do you need further education, do you need experience? Can you get that education at a community college, university, technical school? Find out and start that. If you need experience, can you get an apprenticeship? Can you do volunteer work in the field. Start working on it. Taking those steps puts you in control of your own future.

They don’t have to be big changes. Sometimes it is better to start with small ones. It can be as small as changing the pictures on your wall, even if you just move them around to make the walls look different. My stepmother took control by rearranging the furniture (often!) But it made her happy. If you can, buy yourself something new – an outfit, a pretty knick-knack, a new tool. Just be sure it is something you can afford. Start a new hobby, a new project. Just be sure it is something you are doing for yourself, something you can control.

Once you know what you want, think about what you don’t want. Pick one thing – make it a small thing to start with. What will it take to get that one negative thing out of your life? It could be you hate your yard and want a garden, but you don’t have time. Instead of trying to fix the whole yard at once, pick one thing. Is there a corner where you can plant flowers? Would you like a barbecue? Can you put in a couple of hanging pots? Pick one small change and make that change. Now you have one more blessing to be happy about. As you get stronger in finding the positive, you will find more things you want to change and will feel confident that you can change. Keep making those small changes, and you will be amazed at how quickly your life looks completely different than it did before. You will be happier and have more control in your life.

As you make the small changes, you will see some big changes happening as well. Your boss doesn’t like you? As you start radiating the new happiness you feel, that attitude may change. You and your significant other are always arguing. As you become happier and more confident, there may be less to argue about. Look around you and see how those little changes are making ripples in your life in ways you never imagined, and take pride in what you have done.


Love and Light,


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A trained High Priestess who has worked for many years reading the Tarot, channeling spirits and angels, and studying numerology, astrology and other tools for finding guidance

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