Predestined Love- Could It Happen To You?

By Carmel: Over the years that I have conducted readings for people, both professionally and otherwise, I have often been asked about predestined love and whether it really exists? Predestined love concerns the meeting of those who are our spiritual equals and people who connect with us on that level in a way which is akin to a spiritual answer to prayer in a way, sometimes accompanied by precognition of the meeting in dreams or intense feelings of familiarity with the person even before they meet, or after they meet.


We often find that those people who are open in their everyday lives to the power of their Angel Guides, and believe in spiritual progress as part of the journey of life, find that they meet such partners.I believe that it is because they leave the door open to such experiences that allows them to progress to meeting the right partner or mate for their stage in the journey of souls.

So if you are a soul wanting to know if you could experience this circumstance, I believe the answer to this is definitely yes you can! Is it as simple as wishing upon a star and believing that one can meet the right person in this life with help from above?

Well, first, I must explain that I believe that we live more than one life and meeting a predestined love can interconnect with past life experiences in that we meet those lovers we have met before. Sometimes the sense of the person can come in a dream, or in a meeting with a person we feel we have known all our lives. Predestined love does not refer to perfect love,but for the purposes of this article, I will make a distinction between a love which is spiritually aligned to us on a soul level, and a love which is not so, but is more a learning experience, sometimes involving us needing to let go or move on from those who we are not really in tune with. Love which is predestined is more a love which is proved to be enduring in some way and is involving a person, who will in many ways feel the same way we do about how important the relationship is.

Examples of predestined love have been revealed to me by a number of clients and they were all convinced that their connection was written in the stars or divinely gifted in some way!

There is no limitation in the usual way to these kinds of connections and although there can be obstacles to the people coming together like distance or even actual blocks to being together due to factors out of their control, those who have experienced this kind of “loving” somehow amazingly overcome these problems to go on to align themselves as a couple in this life. Often they feel also that they are meeting again, and that they are too familiar to each other in a way that cannot be explained.

A client once explained to me how she met her soulmate when she went to look outside her balcony and met the eyes of a man who was standing downstairs looking up at her. She looked into his eyes and something told her “that is the man you will marry”. This proved true, although they were from completely different cultural backgrounds,and their prior lives were very different. Nonetheless, they made an enduring and successful match. I often have insights into the future soul partners of clients I read for and many times they have returned to me to tell me that they have met the person we have talked of. I see the paths crossing of two kindred spirits, both who are on a journey to find each other in the world and have been able to assist many of my clients to be more open to this kind of love entering their lives and healing them from past connections which were not really right for them but they had a learning from and had let go of, or were in the process of doing so, when they came to me.

How then do we set the heart and soul stage up for our soulmate to enter into our lives?

Firstly, we have to believe in the power of our souls to be worthy of love and the kind of love that lasts and empowers us and as well we have to let go of past attachments that have not proved worthy of us or our attentions. I call this “clearing the cobwebs back for love to enter”. Your faith in yourself as a unique and wonderful being who is complete as a soul being when you come here is absolutely essential to bring to you the person of your dreams. Without that sense of self worth and belief in your own ability to be an awesome match for any worthwhile partner, you are locking the doors that could open for you to the new love in your life.

Next, you need to be conscious of your guides who are with you in life to help you find that which is necessary for you in love and happiness. We all have them around us and to me they are your Angelic Messengers who are with you as protection all through your life. If you believe in them and their way of helping you, you allow the bridge spiritually for them to aid you when you need them and I truly do and always have believed in angelic protection and the power of the spirit to move us forward in life over almost any obstacle we can know.

I also have more good news for my clients and that is that I believe we have been born as souls at this time because we will meet our soulmates and that we will connect with them in a very special time in history and life. This is the start of the Aquarian Age and although there are some years to go before we are fully in it, the seeds have already been sown for true brotherhood and sisterhood connection between souls. At this time, those who have loved before in other lives but may not have met their true partner yet will get the opportunity to love another soul for the first time or again in a celebration of this age. I believe love can find any of us at any age and that is based on my many years of experience in working with my clients to find the right partner and to forge new lives. Once we accept the power of the spiritual realm to help and guide us and develop a strong faith in this truth, we not only can have richer, more empowered lives, but we can find the soul or souls who are predestined to be with us.

Never give up faith or hope that you will find your cherished predestined love, keep the light in your heart and soul lit as this person may be just about to walk into your life… it was after all ‘meant to be’. As the famous saying goes ‘ keep your feet on the ground, but keep looking at the stars!”

1carmel2 Love and Light,


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