Peridot BirthStone

By George: Leo Month July 22nd – August 22nd  

The precious birthstone for this month is the peridot symbolizing the solar light of wisdom, with its soothing golden green glow, signifying the high point of summer light and vitality. Leos are natural born leaders; they provide a vital role in shaping society, leading the way, with charisma and joy, bringing about steady change.  The Peridot strengthens the individual and protects the person by surrounding him/her with more protective and nurturing energy in order to manifest at the highest level.

Leo is “fixed fire” and is synonymous with powerful creativity and the ability to manifest. It has a royal flavor. The desire to express a vision will be heightened and more intensely felt this month in terms of one’s relationship to the collective. I suspect that people whether Leo or not will feel the heat during this zodiacal season but Leo may just feel it even more. The first week of August in particular is going to be quite challenging as the Sun in Leo makes a tight opposition to Saturn in Aquarius, denoting a powerful spotlight being shone on that which is hidden, corrupt and powerful. A dismantling of old systems will continue to be witnessed across the collective. We need to accept these changes and not fight them as these shifts are inevitable and necessary for the betterment of humanity.


If you are a Leo or have planets in Leo you will find this a challenging time as both Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus make intense aspects to your natal Sun forcing you through unexpected change, entreating you to release old modes of thinking and being. Remember the sun is a powerful spotlight and wherever it shines it will reveal the shadow. This is a time for healing and doing the inner work. Leos need to be patient here. As someone with a Leo ascendant this is a powerful time to work on the ego and allow for a softening and acceptance to fill your body and energy center. This is a time for transformation.


For those born in the first decan of Virgo, you will be able to activate the Jupiter in Pisces nicely for the first week of Leo season. You may recall more than usual your dreams and have some clarity on visions. With the two ‘benefics’ Jupiter and Venus in direct opposition at this time, there will be a nice feeling of connection between you and the situation arising. Keep this connection spiritual and of a high frequency and you will benefit from it. You will be activating your fire energy within your earth centric self. Try and use this summer energy of growth to harness your creative energies that might otherwise have been slower to ignite. This will allow for some excitement and movement in your life.


The Leo sun will help you focus your energy on improving your relationships this month where there may be more effective ways to share and impart information to your loved ones and business colleagues. Don’t be triggered by other people’s wounds as Chiron currently opposes your natal sun. Everyone is working through their own trauma and it is important not to take on other people’s energies whether positive or negative. It is about your journey into the light, so being focused is a good thing.


The fire energy of Leo will spark certain emotional feelings in you at this time. In astrology, Leo and Scorpio make a square which can be challenging for emotional well being as well as power play. You must take this energy boost and aim it at a higher frequency of consciousness which will help you use this fire energy effectively and successfully. Scorpios will certainly feel this Sun/Saturn opposition this month and will require releasing control of fixed beliefs and old systems of being.


Fire meets fire. This month you will feel energized by the sun and its solar power of renewal and strength. Be careful not to waste time but instead use this precious commodity judiciously and with positive energy create new projects. You will be somewhat an inspiration to others around you this month as the times are changing.


It is a calmer flow for you Capricorns this month where change is constant but gradual. This is a time to bear witness to others and remain as much as possible the observer within your group of friends, whether at work or at home. Much is happening collectively but for those with strong Capricorn activation in your natal chart it is a time for building slowly and quietly without too much external visibility. 


For you Aquarians, or those with planets in this sign, it is going to be a very active month. With Saturn currently transiting Aquarius and the Sun shining its spotlight directly on him, Cronos the God of time and conformity is going to be under investigation. Much of what will be uncovered will be uncomfortable, especially for those who have not done the shadow work. This is truly a time of transformation and renewal. Moreover Uranus is currently squaring Saturn so new paradigms are emerging fast and the old is breaking down. Keep aware of this and work with the new energies coming in. 


For the first part of this zodiacal month the Piscean will have the power of Jupiter behind him/her, allowing for mystical insights and downloads. Make use of this energy and don’t squander it. This month will also offer up a nice connection to transiting Venus as she faces directly opposite you in the sky, suggesting improvements in relationships. There will be a lot of potential to make more sense of the world through dreams and intuition which will stand you in good stead as the world continues to change.


During this month there is a trine of energy flowing between Aries and Leo, the trick here is not to waste it but to harness this positive vitality and use it for constructive purposes. When fire works with fire there is a big opportunity to get results, just don’t waste this precious time.


Fixed Earth makes a square with the Sun in Leo which is fixed fire, creating opportunities or challenges depending upon your perspective and frequency. Try and work through this season of change where the unexpected is expected. Challenges when dealt with correctly can bring about new opportunities which are most beneficial. 


For the sign of the twins, the Gemini, which is mutable air helps create a better way of communicating, especially since the eclipse season is still in the recent past. Geminis have an important role here to help others who are more blocked and fixed in their belief systems, better navigate into higher states of consciousness. 


Having had a busy previous month, Cancerians are taking a bit more of the back seat as the Sun moves into Leo. This is a time for reflection and spiritual integration. You will feel the full force of the collective angst, being so intuitive but it is best to remain the observer rather than the activator here. Allow for the situation to unfold and then help yourself as well as others from a higher vibration of love and compassion. 


Love and Light,


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