November 2019 Astrology

By Barbara: The sun is in the sign of Scorpio until the 22nd, which means we are in the mood for a total makeover or some big changes this month. The phoenix rising from the ashes is a well-known Scorpio symbol of change and transformation, but more than that, it’s a reminder that loss or endings hold new beginnings, so when the sun shines from Scorpio the urge is strong to let go of the past and stand in the unknown, ready to face a new chapter; even if still in the dark about details or direction.


Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio from Halloween until November 20th. Retrograde periods are about reviewing or reassessing current situations, and with this Scorpio theme, it could be about revisiting the past or reconnecting with ‘what was’ in some way, in order to determine what no longer serves us, or what is no longer valuable to our current process and intentions.

This particular Mercury retrograde can ignite the Scorpio theme of renewal and rebirth very strongly, so perhaps faces and places from the past return, not to haunt us (well maybe one or two) but to re-establish a valuable connection or relationship. Unfinished business involving finances, property or purchases also might re-emerge; maybe in the form of a second chance or opportunity to move on a proposal, or to tie up loose ends from the past.

This can happen any time up to the 20th, but especially around the full moon in Taurus around the 12th (depending on your location and time zone). The full moon in the sign of Taurus happens once a year, around this time, and focuses us on what we need right now to make us feel valued and secure. Taurus is a sign that places high value on physical comfort and the material ‘things’ that nourish body, mind and soul, so this probably isn’t the best time to start dieting or a punishing new exercise regime.

From 19th, fiery planet Mars moves into the sign of Scorpio. Mars is the planet of action and momentum; it’s about how we get things moving and how we stay motivated. When Mars is in Scorpio we are fascinated by mystery and the unknown and want to dig for the treasure of a situation, or to play detective and get to the truth or the bottom line on what’s really happening; whether we like the answers or not.

From 20th, Mercury ends its retrograde period and goes direct again, meaning situations now move forward too. It might also mean a turnaround or change in direction in certain situations that have been slow to progress or have been delayed recently, and this fits well with the change in mood as the sun moves from Scorpio to the sign of Sagittarius on 22nd. Sagittarius is the sign of the traveller and the teacher, so it’s a good time for journeys and a change of scene; to find new perspectives and to broaden horizons either physically or mentally.

The new moon in Sagittarius takes place around the 26th of November this year, depending on your location in the world. New moons are about beginnings or fresh starts that are taking root now to come to fruition later, and this new moon speaks of new adventures in store that need a bit of faith in what they promise for the future. Venus, planet of love and money, moves into the sign of Capricorn on the same day as this new moon, which means there’s a grounded and sensible vibe in that new moon adventurous spirit. Making a plan, working with current limits and boundaries, and taking the journey one step at a time, whether it’s a journey of a relationship or a career ladder, is the route to success right now.


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