New Year – New Energy

By James:  We have all welcomed a new year, some of us may feel like the old still lingering. A lot of us get so caught up in this COVID world that we forget to look after ourselves. 

The world is a busy place, full of distractions. As a result, it is easy to feel overwhelmed regularly. Once you feel overwhelmed, it can be hard to transfer yourself to a better mental space unless you know how to do it. However, learning to deal with overstimulation and anxiety is a skill you can develop. With enough practice, you can quickly get rid of any negative energy you can find yourself in.

To ground yourself means to be in the present moment while balancing yourself psychically, mentally, and spiritually. When you are grounded, you feel stable with a calm mind. On the other hand, when you are ungrounded, you might feel stressed, panicked, anxious, worried, and disconnected.


The longer you wait, the harder and longer it will take to ground yourself. It’s easier to stop a moving train while it’s still moving slowly.

Practice these grounding techniques and be patient. Grounding yourself in any situation is a real skill. It’s not easy to master the skill of focusing your attention purposefully, but it is definitely worth the time and effort.

After this whirlwind of a year under quarantine, along with the copious social and personal issues we all go through day to day, we could all use a little soul care. And now that we’re slowly inching closer to what seems like the beginning of the end of the pandemic (but of course, we can never know what the future holds), now seems like a great time to give ourselves a much-needed mental refresh.


Here is a simple grounding/cleanse you can do daily (or as often as you feel) simply while taking a shower.

1. While showering, allow the water to fall onto the center of your crown. Imagining that it is a constant never ending flow of pure silver nectar.
2. Imagine the silver nectar pouring in through your crown and filling your head completely and deeply, until every physical cell is filled with the silver pure nectar.
3. Imagine it moving down your body:

• The neck
• Shoulders
• Torso
• Every organ of the body
• Hips
• Legs
• Feet 
• Through the soles of the feet – out of the feet.
4. Repeat on the skin layer.
5. Repeat over auric body (Aura)
6. Then 7 layers of energetic bodies.

Notice how clear and alive you feel.

You may need to really focus and make it a 10/15 minute practice to really visualize the whole body and energetic bodies. Of course you can do this in a pool, beach or even without water – You just need to visualize it. 

After a while you can just say to your self:
“Please silver cleanse me.” 

It will take a couple of minutes.


Love and Light,


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