Mercury Retrograde May-June 2021

By Carmel: Mercury swung into retrograde motion on the 29th of May for around 3 weeks until the 22nd of June and you are no doubt familiar with the usual warnings you hear about the period, including being extra careful about checking your writing and communications and preparing to alter your plans unexpectedly or change what you are doing at short notice due to cancellations and unforeseen events. All of the above needs heeding as usual, so mark this time in your diaries so you will not be caught unawares.

Mercury is going backwards this time in its own sign of Gemini, and this will lead to possible misunderstandings between close partners or significant others, especially in communication situations, so it is always wise to avoid jumping to conclusions during this cycle and check out what you have heard via third parties or without any verification. However, Mercury retrograde this time is also happening with Jupiter in Pisces and this will heighten emotional tensions so be aware of this with intimate partners or those you love and avoid exaggerating tensions if at all possible during this time.


Venus in Gemini during this period will certainly make you want to speak about your feelings, but choose your words with care if you can. In the sign of the Twins, Mercury is getting us to look deeply within and to find out what makes our lovers and significant others tick especially, rather relying on surface interactions. With both Venus and Mercury in Gemini, we are being given an opportunity to see the world from at least two points of view, so it is an important cycle for understanding others .

Another important effect though of the Mercury cycle is to allow us to revisit or review the relationships that have mattered to us from our past. I have already had a number of Gemini clients contact me who are experiencing issues to do with exes, either thinking about them a lot or finding they are in touch with an ex lover or partner again, but it is not just Geminis who will experience revisiting the past with old loves, it could be any of the signs, although they and Sagittarians will feel it most keenly along with Virgos and Pisceans.

Do not be surprised if you do come into contact with a lover or lovers from the past, whether it is purely accidental or intentional and whoever contacts who, but use the time wisely and do not repeat the same mistakes. It is important to realize that Mercury retrogrades are confusing periods and it is extra important to evaluate what you are feeling against what you have learned in the past and in light of how you have matured as a person. During any retrograde cycle it is wise to put off really important decisions or commitments until the cycle ends when the situation should be clearer. Second chances in love do happen and they are not as rare as people think, however, reconnecting with someone you have loved or cared for in the past during a retrograde cycle is really a chance to do some therapy on your past and to understand what happened in retrospect. It could mean you have another chance at love or it could mean you are going to get some necessary closure or a chance to be civil or at peace with a person you once cared for deeply. Avoid jumping to conclusions and wait the time out until Mercury goes forwards again and keep as detached as you can, while listening up to any communications made to you.

If a lover from your past does contact you, invite confidences and really listen to what they have to say but do not be afraid to ask deep questions and give the person time to respond, do not waste this period on small talk. Inquire how they are, ask about their current relationship status and allow time for nostalgia or reflection, but do not try to make too hasty a progress with the person until Mercury goes forward in late June and similarly if the other person is the one pressing for a chance with you again, take your time too, you need to look at the offer with a realistic perspective. If there is a true chance at reconciling , time taken to find out again about each other will not be wasted.

If you are having a tough time in your relationship during this period try being a little extra patient if you can be but do not put up with any situation where you are truly unhappy. The retrograde cycle can also bring up old grievances and hurts from the past the really need looking at again to allow for healing to take place. It is really important to avoid arguments that escalate during this time as well, and to walk away from any situations where your wellbeing is compromised.

I often advise clients to keep a journal during the retrograde cycles to keep a note of insights and events that take place, as it can be quite an extraordinary cycle for past resolutions. Be your own best friend during a retrograde and be gentle on yourself if you are frustrated with slow or delayed decisions, or needing to forge ahead, but being met with resistance, the time will pass, know that the retrogrades usually take place around every 88 days and about 3 times in a year and just make sure you are ready for them or understand how you need to manage them. From June 22, you will be able to put what has occurred during the Retrograde into perspective and you will get much more clarity on matters of concern.

If you would like to discuss Mercury Retrograde with me or any other area of your life you need help or guidance with please contact me at LifeReader for chat or a phone call.

I look forward to assisting and reassuring you.


Love and Light


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