Mercury In Retrograde On Valentine’s Day

By Roxanne: Is it 2021 yet? This year has been off to a rough start and I’m sure that many of you are already over it. The days and months have been blurring together and it seems as though Mercury will never get out of retrograde, and guess what? Lucky us, Mercury in retrograde has once again decided to grace our presence, and on Valentine’s Day no less! So, are you doomed to spend a romantic evening at home fighting with our significant other about the recycling bin? Or is there any hope at all to salvage the day? Well, that depends.

Valentine’s day lands just two days after Chinese New Year, the year of the ox, which will usher in a new era of steady perseverance and good fortune. It is also occurring just after the new moon. The Aquarius new moon is likely to bring about a sense of playfulness. This youthful creative energy of the new moon combined with the practical calmness of the year of the ox, could spark genuine feelings of hopefulness this year. So what kind of wrench will Mercury throw at all this on Valentine’s day?


For single people, this may be an opportunity for you to surprise yourself and others. You will find that there is a sense of independence forming within you. There is a chance that you may find yourself even cold, and indifferent to romance. It is also likely that you will simply not feel bound to the incessant quest to find love. That feeling won’t last forever, and it’s rare! When mercury is in retrograde, we are presented with an opportunity to pause and reflect. Use it. Relax, recoup, and reacquaint yourself with yourself. Buy yourself some chocolates and snuggle up to your favorite movie or book.

For couples, there may be a sense that there is a distance growing between you and your partner. That’s because there is. There’s a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day to feel a connection to one another, but at the end of the day, who are you celebrating for?

Yourselves of course! And if you or your partner want a bit of space this week, embrace it! You likely, don’t want to date someone who is exactly the same as you, doing all the same things you do, liking all the same things as you. That would be boring. Give each other that freedom to be yourself. Surprise yourself and each other and you will likely find that the attraction between you will grow organically.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship already, it is important to know yourself, to be honest with yourself, and to continue to learn and grow. This week we have a rare opportunity to look at our lives objectively. So instead of hiding in shame from ourselves. Try and let go of negative habits and embrace positive change. I’ll be honest. As a Taurus myself, I’m not a big fan of changes. But stagnation and dishonesty to oneself is always worse. I hope that you use this opportunity to bring you closer to fulfillment and joy this year.


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Love and Light,


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