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Picks up feelings and detects thoughts. 
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About Roxanne

I am a third-generation psychic and have inherited the gift of clairvoyance as have all the women in my family and I use this skill in my readings along with the use of tarot and tea leaf reading. I approach your challenges with compassion and truth, and often responds with clarity and straightforwardness because you deserve bettering yourself and your life. I pride myself on my ability to motivate my callers. I believe that every single one of you has a unique and interesting personal story and I can’t wait to hear yours. I have my skills to quickly assess your fears, help you find your truths and sort through life’s issues. As an empath, I am adept at picking up on your feelings; even detecting thoughts you may not recognize you’re having. I will get to the source of those feelings and offer real solutions.

My grandmother was a gifted astrologer and tarot reader and I learned much of what I know from her. I use the Rider Waite Deck which I prefer to other decks because it is rich in ancient symbolism and is relatively simple to interpret which I feel is a benefit to both myself and the client. I believe all things happen for a reason, and it's my goal to help you understand your messages. My readings come from my heart with love.

I strive to give 100% honest readings but I do my best to look for answers to help the client work through more difficult situations. While we may not always be able to control our fate, but we can choose to learn from it so that we may work towards a better future. My aim is to help you find the best positive outcome for your situation.

I want you to finish the reading with a detailed plan and specific guidance, regardless of what difficulty or feelings you are experiencing in the present moment. We have loving guides around us who are aware of our past, present, and future. They will share information to create a better future. I offer readings and is an expert on topics about Love, Money, Career, Pets, Family, Spiritual Development and much more…

Here in the west of Ireland, folk traditions are still living breathing part of many people’s lives. Although ties with the pagan past have long been obscured since the introduction of Christianity, much of the ancient traditions and stories have remained intact to this day. Though my family immigrated to America, I have been fortunate to be able to come back to this inspiring place so that I may develop and nurture my psychic talents. Reading with me is like reading with a friend who can get to the heart of what’s going on with you on a deeper level
Before approaching me for a reading, I recommend you consider the following.

1.     Is my question clear?
2.     Is my question specific?
3.     What do I really want out of this situation?
4.     Am I ready to put in the work to better my situation?

If you have answered these questions carefully and are ready to ask for advice, then rest assured that I will genuinely do my best to answer honestly, carefully, and with empathy.

So! If you’re ready, we can get started! I will do my best to help you.

My Experience

Tarot and Tea Leaf Reading

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