Meditation And The Tarot Cards

By Brenda: The key to any spiritual practice starts first with meditation. Meditation is the means in which a person gets in touch with the universal energies, life force and the super-consciousness. There are many meditation tools available, but none so specific as the Tarot cards themselves.

1brenda2 The rich history and symbolism contained in the cards from their early Egyptian origins to their use as gypsy fortune telling tools have given them a life of their own. In this way the Tarot cards have become a living oracle. Meditation on the cards in this way can create a focus in your meditation and the ability to draw and absorb the energies contained in the cards to better your life.

The traditional Tarot deck is comprised of 78 cards, 22 major arcana and the remaining 56 cards representing the four suits of Cups, Wands, Pentacles and Swords. When working with the cards any card and the universal truth, it represents can be used for meditation. However, the more concentrated meanings lie in the symbolism of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana is referred to as the law and the Minor Arcana as the carrying out of the law. Arthur Edward Waite the author of the Rider Waite Tarot refers to the Major Arcana as the Veil. The Veil or Major Arcana represent universal truths that have been recognized over thousands of years to exist in both nature and the universe. To align yourself through meditation with these universal truths you can begin to create an upward spiral in your spiritual path.

Meditation with the cards do not have to be in any order rather the order in which you pull your card. To begin your meditation, you must first make sure you will be in a calm setting with no interruptions. Make yourself comfortable in a chair or on the floor.

Separate the 22 major arcana from the rest of the deck and set the rest aside. Take three deep breaths and then pull one card. Look into the cards and meditate on the meaning of the card and how it relates to your life. Make sure you have a pen and paper ready for the messages and images that come through your meditation.

Symbolic meaning of the Major Arcana:

The High Priest; As Above so below, What is cause and effect in your life?

The High Priestess: The laws of the Divine Mother, Can you be just in your treatment of others?

The Empress: Are you worthy of the prosperity you ask for?

The Emperor: Do you have the will to carry out your goals?

The Hierophant: What is the meaning of true faith?

The Lovers: What creates the attraction of opposites?

The Chariot: Are you ready to embrace change both on the mundane and spiritual level?

Strength: Can you find the inner strength to defend and heal yourself?

The Hermit: Are you ready to put aside the past to embrace transformation.

The Wheel of Fortune: What comes up must go down. How can you turn the wheel in your favor?

Justice: Can you see both sides of the situation?

The Hanged man: What are you ready to give up to change things in your life?

Death: Are you ready end a situation so that you can start another?

Temperance: Look for the balance in a stressful situation.

The Devil: Can you release your fear?

The Tower: Can you see that change has created a new opening in your life?

The Star: You will claim perfect health both body and spirit.

The Moon: What is hidden, and does it have the power to harm you?

The Sun: You are filled with perfect harmony and love.

Judgement: What actions will you take to make a situation right again?

The Fool: Have faith in your dreams and the universal energies.


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