May 2019 Horoscopes

By Barbara: Lots of earthy, practical energy around for much of May, with the Sun in Taurus until 20th, when Gemini, the sign of communication and connection takes over. Find out what this might mean for you this month.

(21st March – 19th April)
1barbara2 There’s focus on income and finances this month. The new moon on 4th speaks of new or renewed jobs, contracts, promotions, or windfalls. It’s also about purchases and investments that settle you into more security and stability. Venus in your income chart from 15th is supportive of this, and your ruler Mars moves into your home and family chart from 16th, which sparks a strong desire for more home comforts. Full moon on 18th brings things to a head somehow and moves things forward in the right way. The Sun moves into your communication zone from 21st, which means it’s a great time for meetings or discussions, and for news that appears like light at the end of the tunnel.

(20th April – 20th May)
This is your time of year, Taurus. The sun is in your sign until 20th, along with communication planet Mercury from 6th, and Venus, planet of love and money there from 15th. It means more creativity, energy, focus and self-belief than ever, and this means you’re thinking about where you want to go, and defining your future plans more precisely than ever. Things can happen suddenly or unexpectedly this month (especially 8th and 18th), and you’re more willing to take risks then too. Happy commitments are being made during May (possibly 10th, 17th, 21st), and there’s plenty to appreciate, despite some challenging circumstances at the same time (2nd, 24th, 30th).

(21st May – 21st June)
Love and luck combine in the beginning of May, so whether you assign it to guardian angels or you alone making own good fortune, it works the same way. Mercury, your ruling planet, is in the most secluded part of your chart from 6th, meaning retreat, rest, and relaxation refreshes your mind and awakens your intuitive senses. Venus, planet of love and money, joins Mercury from the 15th, which again reinforces the idea that luck is with you. Then Mercury and the Sun burst into your sign from the 21st for the next few weeks, which is about feeling motivated to move forward with plans.

(22nd June – 22nd July)
There’s a slow and steady pace for much of May, encouraging you to take a laid back approach; but don’t sit back and watch the world go by for too long, as it also gives you too much time to sit and ponder your many options. One thing is certain at the moment, you’ve outgrown some people and some situations, and letting go is inevitable. Events around the full moon on the 18th is all about this process that is underway, emotionally if not physically for just now. From 21st there’s important communication and news coming your way. There’s also gossip, so be discerning about who and what you believe in.

(23rd July – 23rd August)
Whatever dream or ambition you’ve been reaching for, or wanting to reach for, the planets are supporting you right now, so take the available steps that are in front of you to take and then trust the next steps will appear when you need them. It’s about not needing to see too far down the road and being comfortable with the unknown, which is also the key to success in romance and relationship at the moment too. After the 21st your words can heal and transform situations, so speak your truth with confidence, and always follow your own advice.

(24th August – 22nd September)
For much of the month the sun, Venus, and your ruler Mercury is in your chart of direction and purpose, so you’re being called to follow your inner Sat Nav and expand your horizons. New moon on the 4th is about this, and about seeing things in new ways; perhaps from travelling, or from learning and education, but whatever, it’s about the power of your perspective to open your mind to new opportunities. Much of May is about embarking on a new journey, then after the 21st it’s about staying focused and not getting distracted or off track. Not easy to do during final week of May, when situations aren’t clear or easy to read.

(23rd September – 23rd October)
May might not bring the immediate results you’re looking for in certain situations, so trust progress is still being made and that results will come at the right time. The new moon on 4th in your chart of healing and transformation is about this, and about new ventures with others, such as collaborating for projects, purchases or investments. Full moon on the 18th brings this more to fruition and you might find you’re breaking with routine or tradition to move forward. From the 21st you might be learning something new or seeking information and answers you need for the next steps. Relationships require patience, just like everything else this month, but it’s worth the effort.

(24th October – 22nd November)
It’s an important month for you, and for your relationships, with the energizing and creative sun, communication planet Mercury, and love and money planet Venus, all together in the partnership zone of your chart for much of May. Sun and moon meet on 4th for your annual new moon of relationships. New moons are a powerful symbol of union and reunion, so maybe there’s new or renewed romance in store for the coming weeks. The corresponding full moon on the 18th is in your sign for the first time in a year too. It represents a time of increase and emotional fulfillment, and of emotional clearing; kind of like a spring clean for the soul.

(23rd November – 21st December)
Certain situations aren’t straightforward this month, but if there’s anyone who can handle a wandering path it’s Sagittarius, who likely invented the quote about it being the journey not the destination that is most important. You are never lost thanks to your internal compass (which is what your symbol of the archer represents) and you’ve the ability to see everything as an adventure to dive into. After the 21st planets are moving into your relationship and partnership chart, which means this is where your latest adventure and leap of faith is taking shape, especially during the final week around 29th and 30th.

(22nd December – 20th January)
Communication early in May might be an opportunity to clear up some unfinished business. There might be a conflict or disagreement in the discussions (1st and 6th), but it’s all serving to make you focus and define your current position more clearly, which is confidence-building too. Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in the most creative part of your chart for much of the month, and the new moon is there on 4th, indicating you’re feeling productive and birthing new creations and inventions (especially 10th and 31st). Mars moves into your relationship chart from 16th, which might mean being pushy about your priorities in love and partnership; yet because you aren’t attracted to doormats, some compromise will be required.

(21st January – 18th February)
Planets are aligning in your chart of home and family, which means lots of attention and activity in this area of your life. The sun brings creativity and warmth, Mercury brings communication and connection, Venus brings love and value, and the new moon on the 4th indicates new beginnings and cycles underway. This might mean buying a home or adding value to your current home. Or expanding family, or reuniting loved ones somehow. Whatever it means for you personally, you will be making memories you’ll value more as time goes on. From the 21st, sun and Venus move to the most creative zone of your chart, which indicates you’re ready to shine and get productive.

(19th February – 20th March)
Big focus on communication this month. There’s news, gossip, information and discussion; all giving you a chance to step up, speak up, and contribute your unique opinion and perspective. Be extra thoughtful about what you say and who you say it to around 1st, 2nd, 7th, and 29th. Have confidence in yourself and trust the universe to deliver, around 4th, 10th, 17th, and 31st. Expect surprises and the unexpected from yourself and others around 8th and 18th. The sun and Venus move to your home and family chart from 21st, which suggests the sun is coming out in certain situations, and you’re recognizing the value of those situations, despite their challenges.


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