Love Come Back To Me

By Brenda: Love and matters of the heart are the most challenging issues to predict, timing and the clarification of a loved ones feelings and intentions are many times derailed by fear and free-will.

1brenda2 A psychic reading is meant to bring clarification and prepare you for these events both happening in your life now and in the future. But what happens when your situation has become stuck? Held in limbo by another person’s free will? Is it possible to change this? To open the channels of communication with a love interest who has dropped off the map? As a psychic that specializes in love matters and timing, I believe it is possible.

I also believe that it is often our own fears that put up a barrier between us and the other person. If the man or woman you are seeing suddenly disappears, tells you it is over and wants space you are left feeling bereft, unsettled. What you don’t realize is that even if he or she has left there is still an invisible subconscious thread that connects the two of you. This is especially true if you have had intimate relations with this person. On many levels they too are feeling the loss of connection just like you do. One of my favorite comedians of all time, Mel Brooks said: “Everything we do is based on fear, Especially love”.

Love and fear cannot exist in the same space. There is the belief out there that “If you love someone let them go if they were meant to they will come back to you. The same holds true with those things destined and those that are still stuck in the realm of possibility. And what is this “Realm of Possibility”? Could it be a place where there is an energy that is still in flux? A cosmic limbo in which free will could still hold an influence? Acting like opposing magnets, where the magnetic force pushes against another magnetic force that in turn opposes it?

Can you visualize what would happen if you felt that resistance and decided not to fight or push against it? Instead, you decided to surrender your feelings of control and ego and released it to the universe? When for example a loved one suddenly pulled away, our first instinct is to question, pursue and push, actions that most likely are motivated by our fear. Fear that you will never hear from them, that your connection which you had felt was so strong was an illusion? What if instead we released them with love? Would that person feel the love on the same energetic level and in turn feel safe to return to you? The subconscious mind works in mysterious ways. When you are receiving the thoughts of another person, it is no surprise that they are thinking of you too.

One of the Universal Laws of all time is “Like attracts Like”. In sending out love instead of fear it is possible for you to nurture a space where a loved one who has backed away, for whatever reason, can return without judgment. So that through this method you can create an environment for a relationship that goes beyond just the physical plane? One that welcomes a travelling heart back to its home.


Love and Light,


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