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By Carmel: The Tarot is an amazingly accurate intuitive tool to help tarot professionals and counsellors get to the bottom of most issues and problems for their clients.

If you have benefitted from a really good tarot reading, you will know it is not just a deck of fortune telling cards, but a set of archetypes and symbols based on the Major and Minor Arcana. There are 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, the latter comprising the four suits of wands, pentacles, cups and swords, symbolizing the elements of fire, earth, water and air.


In the hands of a skilled practitioner, the Tarot can help to hone in very quickly to major career or life path decisions by allowing the reader to gain very quick insights into the matter at hand. Different layouts can be used for different purposes, one of the most popular is the Celtic Cross which gets right to the heart of the issue from across layout where the main question is answered in detail as the cards fall in key positions.

Amazingly helpful guidance can flow from the use of the deck, but it does not replace clairvoyance or psychic insights, they are simply enhanced by the cards and flow naturally with them. However, the Tarot can be used for more than fortune telling, you can also use the cards to assist you with powerful visualizations for the results you want in love, luck and life.

First, take a deck which has the 22 Major Arcana and getting them out, look at which ones really interest you.

As a tarot teacher and lecturer, I am always impressed by how students feel especially drawn to some cards in the Deck which by the way is not at all threatening if you understand that even confronting cards like the Hanged Man and the Hermit are just symbolic, they do not predict disasters for people at all and you must run like the wind from any reader who is using them for predictions of that nature. Look at the card you are most drawn to and look at the card that confronts you.

You may find you are drawn eg to the High Priestess, this will signify a period when you need to go within for real and authentic guidance, or you may relate to the nurturing energy of the Empress the card of the female power and strength. You may find you are confronted by eg the Tower card, this does not mean anything terrible may happen to you at all but just that you should be more aware of events happening around you and take a wise path of protection.

If you wish to effect changes and better opportunities in your life, you can use your favorite Major Arcana card to place in front of you on your home altar so you can fix your mind on what you wish to manifest. You need a good basic tarot deck with all the images on them, and a guide book to the Tarot with all the meanings in to work with them in this way but herein I will set out a few exercises you can use the Tarot for to dealing with love situations in your life.

First, invest in the above mentioned deck, the guide book and a set of colored candles, orange, red, purple and blue. In these exercises you do not need to burn or light any of the candles as you will be working with the color they have and the Major Arcana card.

Prepare a tarot altar space in your home and make it a calm and inviting area where you can relax, meditate or read the cards when the time is right.

Here are some ways you can use the Major Arcana to help you with challenges or requests in the love area.

(NB- All exercises listed below need the cards left out for at least one to two weeks if you wish to really work with the energy)

To recall a Lover who is out of touch- Place a blue candle next to the image of the Lovers Card, it is not necessary to light it. Visualize you and your loved one talking and exchanging news ask that your guides return the two of you to each other as soon as possible. As you do this practice some calm breathing and release any tensions or fears you have that are drawing your energy down. Send the thought out quietly to your loved one that you would like to connect again in a calm and loving energy but then the thought and effort go. You must give your loved one a chance to get in touch with you and let it be only of the person’s free will. You have done your work, now let the effort go and have faith that if you are really meant to connect you will. Do not spend too much time analyzing what you have done, the trick is to release the energy and be guided by the universe. You can only have a loving relationship if you are truly meant to, have faith in that and you will connect with the right person, and move on from the wrong one.

To encourage love to bloom between you and a loved one or dear one-Take the red candle unlit and place it next to the Major Arcana card of the Magician. Visualize you being adored by a person that you deserve and as you do this place a red flower next to the card .Then release and let it go, allow your guides to help you to manifest love in the right way for you or to let go and let yourself meet the one you are meant to. There is no need to be anxious on this result , your faith in your wish is magic enough! The card of the Magician will aid you to use new love skills and be ‘smarter’ in your choices and actions. It will also help you to draw a mature mate to your side !This ritual is also suitable to do before a big date or special occasion when you want to feel confident and in touch with yourself. Do in the same way as the first one but visualize yourself at ease and relaxed in the situation at hand, calling on the Magician inside you to believe in magic and make it happen.

To heal a broken heart – Sometimes it is over and you know that is it or you have given your lover all you can and the well is exhausted in you so to speak. You are tired and down and need healing quick but may feel you need support and love from those close to you to assist you with that healing process. Place the purple candle next to the card of the High Priestess. See yourself surrounded by pink light love energy and surround yourself in it. The High Priestess relates to the intuitive depths within us where we may know the truth to many answers, as long as we are opening our eyes. This ritual will help you to find support amongst those who hold your best interests at heart and give you power to accept healing and go on with life. Hearts do heal but wisdom comes in the process if we can embrace life and believe in magic happening. Know that from every relationship we can grow from, but sometimes we do have to move on to live fully. Believe in your destiny to go forward to new life and one day, new love.

For more positive communication between you and a loved one- Take the card of the Empress from the tarot deck with the orange candle and place on your altar, seeing or imagining that you will conquer any fear with a mate and say honestly what is on your mind in the best way between you. Communication can be one of the most challenging parts of many relationships and it takes patience and commitment on both sides between two partners to enhance honesty and trust by really understanding each other. As you place the candle with the card, see yourself reaching a positive compromise with a loved one and that both of you will benefit from that situation. Focus on your sacral chakra and heal any doubts you have. The Empress is a highly protective card signifying feminine nurturing power although it is appropriate for any gender to use.

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Love and Light


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