Losing One’s Self

By Bill: The longest Road you will walk down or ever know is Life itself, the lows the highs to have or to have not going with and or without life’s always an ever changing dance.

The Challenges 

The choosing, making the right decisions, good or bad, taking that chance in life that may not come around again, hoping what is going to come to fruition, but there again not knowing at all a guessing game of hope and faith.

The First Time

There was a homeless man as we walked by and he told us he was homeless, we gave him a hot meat pie and $5 in change. We asked him why He was Homeless, He told us his wife and children were in the fire and they lost their house and all possessions and no one escaped he was not home at that time. He and I banged fists, we walk away with Tears in Our Eyes, We have seen him a couple of times since, His face beams  say hi whenever  we give him something to eat and loose change, he is forever grateful  I often think that this could be an Angel testing us. bill3

To look at this poor man it would be easy to think go have a Bath go get a job you bum, Of course judgment is not mine, but I stood and watched the people laugh at him and just passed him by. The Bloke, He is quietly articulate and very well Spoken and mannered, kind with a huge heart, He is not just suffering the loss of his family and all life’s possessions, but loss of Self Dignity, Self worth He carries the pain he has trauma and no one to turn to, your life can change dramatically in the blink of an eye.  We have all lost someone close, accidents do happen and there is no time set when it does happen and you think why? Is there so much pain and suffering?  Can you blame God No humans and era?

If you are fortunate enough to love, have a roof overhead, a bed, food, a job, clothing, car you’re a Millionaire. Believing it or not, walk through any shopping complex or centre in your home town, count how many Homeless folk you see, if you were to stop and say hello you may be very surprised indeed, Travel to a third world country you’ll see and know exactly what I mean.

The poverty in a third world country is shameful, but this is their way, but it is also sad to see.

Some people live in a daydream they walk around with open eyes, yet they are so blind. Some are ignorant to others what they think and say while walking in their own shadows believing what they do and say is right and gospel. Other folks like to cruise in life thinking they’re free and easy, some people do not see their own Ego, Stupidity, and “look at me Syndrome”. People that work through the day and long hours miss out on life and night shift people miss out on life all they have is the weekends, I wonder if you were to ask them, would they be happy with their own life? Time passes so quickly can you look back years and ask yourselves where they have been? We need to be diligent in this life and appreciate every second we breathe and be happy we are living.

Believing or not Believing

The Universal circle guides us to walk the path, walk in the light, work and play and what to do for the highest good, for self and others. Be it for good or bad, No One is In charge of your personal destiny, only you. Your free will Subconscious and Conscious Mind chooses what to do, In Self and the higher Realm. The Light Force Being at One with our Creator give us Freewill clarity, understanding, dignity, openness, honesty, respect, acceptance tolerance and above all Love for self and all living things memories of those who have passed on to the Spirit World Heaven and other dimensions. Look at it this way, a mirror they are looking at you through this a door way, to a dimension. Have you thought of it this way?

Do not grieve for your lost loved ones they are there with you all you have to do is not have selective hearing but active listening call it fine tuning. I wanted to share this with you because when someone has lost it all and have know where to go just offering a hand with love for humanity I feel this world would be a better place. If you have any questions on this article feel free to come and ask me anything on Life Reader.


Love & Light,


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2 thoughts on “Losing One’s Self

  1. Tiffany L Foreman

    This is so true. You have helped me a great bit here. Just wondering if you do any special reading and if so contact me.

  2. Bill

    Hello there Tiffany I only read on Life Reader Love’ It is Life Reader Policies that we do not give out our private emails addresses,
    I do look forward chatting with you then as I’m here for you I care and you are Important’
    Love & Light cheers Bill


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