Let Your Spirits Guide You

By Adriana: I always knew I had a guardian angel. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a connection to spirit and beings of light. There was something there — energies I couldn’t quite explain. Mostly they came at night but sometimes I would sense them around other people but I was so young I just assumed everyone could sense them.

I have a beautiful guardian angel that has been with me ever since I can remember. She kept me out of harm’s way, as a child, (most of the time) and tried to guide me in the right direction.

1adriana2I have other guides too, some only stay with me for a short time to complete a task or  to get a message through me to someone – mostly family members of those who have passed.

We all have one or two guardian angels that are with us all of our lives and for many previous lives to support our growth and the lessons we need to learn.  We all have guides, ancestors,  beings of light who love and  protect us.

Your guardian angels are always there. They are always supporting you. But they cannot come in unless you ask. They can’t come in without your free will — unless you’re in a life-threatening situation, in which case they can come in without you asking.

So, as a conduit for these entities, I want to give you a greater understanding of how you can have a relationship with them.

The first thing to know is that you need to have just a little faith that you DO have one or more guides  who exist beyond your physical experience and who are there to support you.

If you want to know the name of your guides (or one of your guides), you can sit in meditation and ask your guide’s name. The first name that comes to you IS THE NAME. Do not question it.

My guides revealed their names to me when I was in my teens. I’ve never questioned it. Or let ego get in the way.

The ego can be one of the biggest trip-ups of all.

When it’s chattering away in our ears that it knows best, tell it to be quiet for a bit! When you over analyze everything  you break the connection with your guides. Stay in your heart space, close your eyes and center your breath and attention in the heart.

Your guides want you to have faith in them. This creates the space for all the miracles they want for you.

Let me show you some different ways you can connect with your guides, everyone is different and some of these techniques will work better for one person than another. Just take some time and play around with them until you find what works for you.

1. Dream Work

Just before going to bed, set the intention to see, meet, or speak with your spirit guide within your dreams. Continue this practice for two weeks and see what happens. Keep a notebook by your bed and pen. As soon as you wake up, note any strange figures or unusual patterns that emerge in your dream. The goal is to find repetition: what messages or dream beings keep appearing?

Sometimes our spirit guides don’t directly reveal themselves, but instead symbolically reveal who they are to us. Take note of symbols that keep emerging and journal about them. What do they mean? Once you have a strong inkling of who/what your guide is, thank them. Continue to ask for guidance and for their appearance in your dreams before going to bed.

2. Silence Your Mind

One of the best ways to contact your spirit guides is by silencing your mind through practices such as meditation or mindfulness. Here is one simple practice:

Sit or lie down in a quiet place that is undisturbed by other people. Focus on your back or thighs as they come in contact with the ground. Notice the rising and falling of your chest. Listen to the sounds around you. Focus on being present. Right here, right Now.

Let your thoughts become like a stream. Sit down and watch that stream as a silent observer. Don’t try to fight the thoughts, just let them flow. When you feel ready, ask to hear the name or see the face of your spirit guide. You might need to wait for a while, so be patient.

Journal about your experiences afterward. If you struggle with this practice, don’t worry. Most people do. Just practice it for 10 minutes a day, and see what happens.

3. Visualization

One relatively simple way of contacting your spirit guides is through visualization. You can create your own visualization by listening to soothing music and imagining that you are walking down a dark staircase into a white room. Remember to always set an intention for your visualization. In this case, it would be, “I wish to connect with my spirit guide” or similar…and wait. Keep practicing and try to leave expectations at the door.

4. Nature Immersion

When you take the time to look and pay attention, nature is sublimely magical. It is also a beautiful place to come in contact with your spirit guides (particularly animal spirits and trans-species beings).

I have had numerous encounters with nature spirits and angelic energies whilst out in nature.

Find someplace outside. Sit in a park, by a river or stream, or go hiking. Look at the clouds, bodies of water, and trees. Can you glimpse any faces? What animals or insects keep appearing that have seemed to accompany you for a while?

5. Look For Synchronicity

Synchronicity is another word for meaningful coincidence. Have you ever seen repetitive numbers (such as 3333, 1111, 1212), names, or symbols arise in your life? Pay attention. These often carry important messages.

Every day, look out for unusual and repetitious signs, names, symbols, places, or objects that appear. Keep a notebook and record your observations. After one week, reflect on what you have seen. Are you being shown something? Synchronicity works best when we are in touch with our inner selves so try to practice sitting in silence every morning for just a few moments.

With your guardian angels at your side you will feel stronger as if you were being carried. As you tune into the frequency of your guides you will feel less fear and more love.

In all my years of spiritual work, this has been proven to me time and again.

The key here is to continue making connections, calling upon them and telling them you need their help.

If you need additional support  reach out for further guidance.

1adriana2I wish you all lots of blessings each and every day.

Love and Light,


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