December Solstice, Solar Eclipse And The Doorway Into 2020

By Adriana: This December on the solstice (Sunday and all the way through to 26 December) is a time to focus inwards. This is a time when we are no longer taking messages and processing them through our ego and trying to make them mean something. This is the tail end of the 2012 density blast we all experienced, when many believed the world itself would end in a flash.  

We have all come along way since 2012 we are more aware and more loving with each other than we were back then. We are better prepared for this Sunday’s opening.  For the highest good of everyone else involved.  


There is no more time to base our happiness on how much we earn or how we look at the world. 

It’s time to be flexible in our beliefs – we miss so many beautiful moments and opportunities for growth when we think we know it all. This is my career and this is my purpose and that’s it. No, that’s not it. That may have worked in the past, but you (we) are all now vibrating to something different.   

Stay open to what you are seeing and hearing and understand that you don’t have to define yourself under limited terms. Things don’t need to be put into a box – I am stock broker, I am a lawyer, I am a healer… it doesn’t really matter. Try not to get hung up on your ego’s need to label everything.

This expansion process requires a lot of self care.  

Activate the heart space, meditate and focus on bringing your energy from your head to your heart. Practice yoga, Tai chi, a movement practice that will help to release the energy daily so you are not just living from the intellect. Activate the heart space and live from that too. 

The heart is the tunnel to your truest essence… to your soul. Commit to practicing getting into the heart space, that place of vulnerability and openness and strength throughout your day. Do activities that bring your joy. Try to approach others with love.

One of the most challenging things in my life right now is to consistently approach my teenage son and his ego with love. Even though he is off doing his own thing and he is making mistakes and he thinks he knows everything. I am trying to be here consistently with love. Saying things in a way that I know to be true. No apologies, just loving truth.   

Do things out of love. Find something to do for the love of it – recommit to your choice or choose another path. I recommitted to the path this year when I started chose to read for LifeReader. The path of growth is transformed as I read for each of you from a place of love. I commit to support all beings on their own path of expansion. 

Solar eclipse in Capricorn on 25-26th December

The solar eclipse is going to set the tone for 2020 and is a pivotal point. This is a complex eclipse, a new beginning and a new moon. Really important to set your intentions for what you want to manifest. What has been the theme in your life, what has been emerging as a theme or a lesson for you? The more we can identify with that we can start to work with that. If you pay attention to your experiences of the past year you will see a theme whether its related to money, relationships, work, family or all of those things there will be a theme.  

This eclipse is a wildcard bringing a sense of intensity. We will each be jumped forward into our path of growth. This is deep soul level stuff and if you have identified the theme or themes that have been showing up in your life since 2018 you will jump forward.

For some of you this eclipse signifies new beginnings. Some will be literally jumped forward to shine before the world. You might find a benefactor or someone to promote your work. Some of us will experience extra recognition and opportunities coming in. 

This is big. We have not had this grouping of planets for 735 years since 1285  – That’s why this time is so extraordinary. All around us old corrupt systems will be collapsing. There is nothing to fear. Welcome it. 2020 is the collapse of the old paradigm. This is a beautiful time and wonderful for manifestation. It’s time to move away from the old and live more freely and awakened. 

But we have to take the risk and move towards something very different.

Some will be changing their values from working from profit into something that is currently not visible yet. Partnerships, alliances, co-operatives, soul contracts. Many will be reconnecting with their soul families at this time. We have to trust in this process and know that all is well.  

It’s time to recognize our power as co-creators. Be very aware of your frequency and vibration.

Simply observe what is unfolding, but don’t get caught up in the turbulence.  Remember that we are dreaming our future into being at every moment. It’s not being imposed on us. We are an important part of that creation. If 1% of us can get together we can really change the collective consciousness to see how that unfolds.  

This solstice and the eclipse marks a fork in the road that signalling the collapse of the old and a quantum wave of new possibility and awakening coming into being.

This is a super important period for the world and for each of us. 

If you would like further guidance, clarity or support through this period please contact me for a reading. 


Love and Light,


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