Let Love Grow

By Brenda: Are you ready to plant a seed for new love? To lay the groundwork it takes for a true and lasting love relationship? To have the patience and perseverance to make love grow? To leave behind the withering stalks of false and capricious relationships that will go absolutely nowhere? To be open to a new love that will lead to a lasting joy and commitment? Then there is no time but the present to open your mind and heart to planting the seed of new love, but new love like a new flower needs to go through several stages in order for it to reach full bloom!


The Seed: 

New love relationships can be as fragile as a new seedling needing patience and nurturing in their very first growth stages. In these times of online dating, this process can be rushed and crushed before its first bloom by unrealistic expectations and inappropriate actions. Love at first sight is not really true love but more like an instant karmic attraction. Karmic attractions being the sparks in which the seed of the new relationship can grow.  Take your time and create a friendship bond and through this trust and love will follow. Don’t be concerned about timing, everyone’s timing is different when it comes to finding the perfect mate. In the first initial contact with a new love interest, it is very tempting to hear and believe flowery words and promises. However, it is the actions that really count. Avoid the texting trap!! Texting sometimes allows people to hide behind their words. If a new love interest really wants to get to know you he or she will call you and want to hear your voice. Creating a new relationship cannot be rushed and has several natural steps that it goes through to bring about a loving and trusting connection. 

The Flower Sprout:  

Honest and fun communication will open up your mind and hearts to trust and build an excitement to meet and really get to know your new love interest. This may take days or even weeks, but when you finally meet and start to date this is when the roots of a good relationship can start to take hold.  Rushing things at this point by expecting more in the form of feelings and commitments can pull the whole thing out at the roots. During the sprouting stage it is a time to enjoy each other and the romance of the situation without heavy expectations. Maybe you would like it to go fast, but it is going too slow. Perhaps your partner is taking time to enjoy and immerse themselves in the relationship and is not ready to move fast. Being angry and frustrated will not change this, but patience and understanding will. Being flexible at this stage will ultimately put you and your loved one on the same page timing wise. As a psychic that specializes in relationships, I often get the question “When we met, he or she was blowing up my phone by texting or calling, why aren’t they anymore?”. The simple answer to that is that often if the intense “blowing up of the phone” has settled into a few less calls, perhaps your new love is feeling more comfortable in the relationship? Now, if the communications at this stage fizzle out and they begin avoiding or ghosting, then it will become clear that they have no interest in nurturing this love to full bloom.  

Full Bloom:  

When your love has reached this stage a true and lasting relationship is in your sights! You and your new partner have planted your seedling and nurtured your flower sprout and now it is ready to enjoy the fullness of your bloom of love. To reach this stage, the two of you have both grown through the romance stage nurturing your friendship and trust. Your love has bloomed and your roots have taken hold turning your love into a beautiful relationship that is ready for the future and whatever it brings. 


Love and Light,


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