Let Love Find You

By Gail: Are you looking for love? True love. Divine love. A soulmate to share your life with. So many people are out there looking for love but have you ever stopped to consider that maybe love is looking for you? When you realise that love is looking for you then you can stop running around trying to find it and just let it be drawn to you. Love will come to you if you are open and receptive and release your judgments on how things should be.

You can become a magnet for love. You can shape yourself in such a way that all of existence cannot help but love you. It is not something that needs to be done, it is something that will happen naturally when you stop doing things that are counterproductive to your desires. 


Your life is all about you. It has to be. How can your life be about someone else? How can someone else’s life be all about you? It is not realistic. You can share your life with others; indeed you should share yourself with others. Your love and your light and your abundance. Sharing with another is beautiful and allows them to share with you.  Sharing the fullness of our being is one of the most delightful and fulfilling experiences we can have. It enriches us and the people we embrace. But how can you share the fullness of your being if you are not full? Be overflowing with divine love and light. Be complete within yourself and open to share your love and compassion. 

You don’t need to go and get anything to share. You don’t need to go to the store or hop on-line and look for things to share. The greatest gifts are not the material things we accumulate. They are universal truths like love and abundance and compassion. We do not possess them. We do not own them and they do not own us. They flow through us with the ever pulsating vibration of our divine birthright. If we let them. When we can step aside and accept the beauty of giving and receiving love we have such a tremendous gift to contribute. We are all valuable. What sort of value are you adding to your world? 

Releasing others and fulfilling your own potential is a place of beauty and power. It has a magnitude beyond comparison. It attracts the most beautiful and loving people and situations to you. Release others and fulfill your own potential – move from the known to the unknowable. Expand your being to all possibilities, infinite outcomes, divine love and abundance. Allow the abundance of the present moment to flow through you by dying to the past and to all others in every moment. It all ends now. Destroy all that you are and all that you think you know so that you can be fresh and new and eternal. Available to the mysterious universe and its love for you. The universe has so much love for you. Please accept it. 

Dying to the past is a transformation. It is a beautiful thing; it releases all of your judgments and grudges and frees you. It frees those around you too, as you no longer place unrealistic expectations on them. Our divine rights to love can be met – respect, compassion, empathy, truth. There are things that do not need to be compromised, but so many of our expectations are based on our own Personal Rule Book To Life that we carry around in our own heads and is completely unique to us. It is based entirely on your own experiences and interpretations of the world and unless you are super- authentic and honest, everybody else in the world is clueless as to what rules are in your head. Just like you have no clue about their rules. The more you cling to your rules and conditioning, the more you are blocking the natural flow of love. Let it happen unconditionally. 

There are so many things that you can let go of. As you release these unnecessary things you clear the way for more love to flow to you and through you. Imagine how great your life could be if you were surrounded by love. When every thought and every word and every deed is conceived with love as the motivation, then there is nothing that you can’t have or be. There is nothing left to do. Just be love and let it come to you. Love wants to find you. Love is looking for you. You can stop seeking and searching and accept it. Let love find you. All of the things you desire are waiting for you to open up and accept them. 

Do you want to receive love or do you want to give love? The perfect balance of successful relationships requires both. In fact, it is weighted towards what you are willing to give. You cannot expect to receive love if you are with-holding your affection and true feelings. Putting conditions on love will result in a restricted flow of love towards you. If you say I will love them when… It will always be elusive. It doesn’t matter what the “when” is. Obviously you have basic standards that need to be met; respect, commitment, loyalty, compassion. These are the sorts of things that should not be compromised. Values like these are your birthright and they benefit you and everyone around you. 

“In the end, it’s coming and there’s nothing left to do. It’s getting closer” (Tame Impala). Let love come closer to you. Let love fill every moment you have and everything you do. Let every thought and every word and every action be motivated by love. If there is someone or something in your life that you really feel you cannot feel love for then Let It Go. It is not serving any purpose except to keep love away from you. 

If you give love to someone and you feel it is not returned in the way you want it to then you have a choice. Are you going to withhold your love or are you going to give even more? Are you going to limit it and shy away from sharing? It is your choice. Every person you love is a chance to experience more love for yourself. If a relationship is not what you want, then you can choose to stop the flow of love or you can choose to resonate even more love and attract the perfect person to you. Do you want to block the flow? Do you want limits and conditions to shape your experiences or are you ready to open up to the amazing, unconditional love that the universe is offering to you right now? The universe wants you to experience love – that is why we are here. 

Give love. The more you feel hurt or let down the greater the opportunity and capacity to love and be loved. Share your love and your light and your abundance and you will attract the same to you. Stop with judgments and conditions and expectations and let the divine, unconditional love of the universe flow through you. Be a beacon of love and light that shines so brightly that everyone is attracted to you. 

When you are love, then nothing but love can come to you. When you embrace the principles of divinity, then divine love becomes your experience. If you want to be loved then you need to let love flow through you, around you, within you. 

What if the continued existence of love was dependent on you? What is your contribution? The entire source of unconditional love is flowing through you for the benefit of all humanity. What are you doing with it right now? Are you sharing love without fear because you know it is your divine right? Or are you hanging on and trying to control and hoard and consume that for your own benefit? When you try and hang on too tight to anything, it will elude you. A closed hand can hold nothing, there is no space. An open hand, an open heart, can receive the abundance that surrounds us. Being open allows us to experience so many beautiful experiences that are not available to those who are closed and live in fear. 

The key to a successful relationship – or life – is to concentrate on your own feelings, not how someone else feels about you. You cannot control what another thinks or feels about you, but you can control your own being, and radiate with a vibration such that all of existence is in love with you. You can attract everything you need. 

The more you give, the more you will receive. Stop searching and let love find you.  True love, divine love, cosmic love. It is available to all of us right now. Believe that your soulmate is searching for you. They are. Be open and receptive and let them find you.  And when they do, give them all that you are, hold back nothing. True, unconditional love requires complete openness and vulnerability. If you are holding something back then you are not offering your entire being to the experience of being truly loved and appreciated. 

Let love find you. Open up to receive and accept it. The universe wants you to be loved. Get out of your own way and own the divine love that is your birthright. Think love, be love, experience and express love in all of its infinite possibilities. Own it, embrace it, and share it. Divine love is our true state of existence  – let it come to you now.  


Love and Light,


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