KeepcalmChristmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year but can be one of the most stressful times also.

It is most important that you watch your ‘self’ during this time of year as with so much to plan and remember, your life can quickly spiral out of control. In every moment you are creating your future through your thoughts, feelings and actions. Unless you keep calm you, could find in the weeks and months following Christmas that you have created a reality that is not to your liking. All this will hit you when Christmas is over and the bills are coming in, which will in turn cause you even more stress. You could then find yourself asking if it was all worth it.

Remember that all you have to do towards Christmas is in addition to your normal daily life. If your life is full to brimming already, you could find yourself in trouble.

A better way forward would be to decide right now to KEEP CALM.

* Be realistic about what is expected by others – could you be creating your own stress?

* Look at ways of cutting down – ask others who reap the benefits of your hard work for their help and delegate!

* Ask yourself if you really need to spend so much?

It is not a requirement to fall asleep after Christmas dinner! That is your body telling you that you reached the top of your mountain – do yourself a favour and know that you are already at the top in the minds of those who love you and work with that thought instead. What you create from that knowledge is more than worth it!

Remind yourself right now of memories from your happiest Christmas, it was not the material things that made it special, it was the precious love of the people most dear to you who gave you a greater gift than anything you can buy.

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