Angels play a big role in your life

These beautiful beings from the spiritual realm are all around us and have always been our whole lives. Perhaps as a child you were told about your guardian angel and you more than likely communicated with him or her in an innocent, childlike way at that time. Then, as the years moved along your mind filled up with life and all the related experiences as you grew and learnt from others, your angel became forgotten. However, you angel did not forget you, but instead still stood beside you and continued working tirelessly on your behalf.

Angels play a big role in your life and are always there to assist you. Whether you are aware of them or not they are always one step ahead of you knowing exactly what you need at any given moment. They know you intimately, both inside and out. They know your hopes, your dreams, your desires, your intentions; indeed they know your true essence.

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Their function in your life is to assist your progress in the most loving way possible offering you guidance and inspiration. Angels encourage you to find joy and enthusiasm in the smallest of life details. They offer you comfort in your darkest hours or when you feel alone and rejoice with you in the joyous moments of your life.

Rekindling your awareness of angels can change your life in amazing ways. The more you open your awareness the more magic will happen. No matter which area of your life needs adjustment be it love and relationships, work, finances, family matters, health etc you can call upon your angels for inspiration and guidance. Angels can show you where you are stuck and how to give up unnecessary struggles that affect your whole life balance.

What angels want most for you is for you to love yourself unconditionally as they love you without judgement. Trust these generous, guiding spirits who continually work to shift and raise your consciousness which will enable you to make your life flow the way it is meant to. Allow them to remind you that you are of their same essence bravely undertaking your difficult mission on the earth plane.

Angels love to be acknowledged so do try to communicate with them as they are always ready with answers. A good way to establish your connection with them is to light a candle and to focus on the flame. Ask your angels to join you and as they draw close, the flame will burn taller and brighter. Welcome your angels, say hello and thank them for joining you. Then ask your question and sit in silent communication with them; your answer may come immediately or roll out over the following days but be sure your answer is on its way.

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You will find yourself encouraged and hopeful once you begin this wonderful, new dialogue. Allowing your angels greater input into your life will assist you in removing blocks that hold your life back. These blocks could be belief systems that are no longer necessary to your development and do not serve your life purpose. You will find hopeful, gradual change taking place in your life which will then encourage you to call on your angels more and more often. If you find yourself in a situation where you need guidance or assistance, ‘see your angels surrounding you’ – visualise them, feel their protection and listen for anything they want to tell you.

The best part about angels is that they are always there; not only that, they are rather good at finding you parking places too, just ask, they never fail!

May you be blessed by the Angelic Army surrounding you.

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