Have you been Abandoned?

At times in our lives we can suffer from rejections from others that we cannot understand and they are very painful to live through. If this is happening to you right now, please acknowledge the inner strength that you have to withstand this type of treatment and be more easy on yourself. This type of pain really can feel soul destroying.

The intial reaction to this type of rejection is to blame the instigator of your pain. If no accountability is available from that area such as if that person is closed off from you, your mind will then take you in another direction in order to attempt to fix the situation. That direction is a destructive one as you are then in danger of blaming yourself. You will begin to ask yourself, ‘why does this always happen to me? what is wrong with me? etc. Those questions can then take you down a dangerous spiral of despair and once you slide down that you are lost in a dark place with no apparent help.

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Thinking badly of yourself will only ever perpetuate the pain you are going through. From that position, in desparation and in order to alleviate your pain, you can then put the other person on a pedastal and ignore all the less than good ways in which they treated you. You want them back whilst being blind to their faults and only concentrate on your own. This puts you in a very bad position – you are then powerless.

Spirit ask that at this point you grab yourself back quickly. From where you are you are never going to attain the truly, satisfying relationship that you hope for no matter your emotional investment. Life will only ever reflect back to you what you are giving off through your vibration. This is like inviting more bad treatment from those who should be loving you.

The root of your fear of abandonment often lies way back in your past, ie in your childhood. You could have been ignored by someone to whom you could not voice how you felt at that time, so you internalised this hurt which became a deep pain within you. This could be through a busy parent not giving you attention for something wonderful you did that day, it could be a fellow pupil at school who did not invite you to their birthday party or any number of events of the like. Now, this new situation mirrors that initial rejection and triggers you. Then your only response is to act in fear just as the child part of you did. You will respond to the situation in the exact same way and with great fear and from that place, nothing can be achieved. The people who bring these situations into your life are messengers and point you to where you need to heal.

Spirt suggest that you take back your power as soon as you realise what is happening. Replace the blame that you injured yourself with, with love and appreciation for all that you are. Take back your power by reclaiming who you know yourself to be. You could do this by grabbing back who you ‘were’ before this person came into your life. You have been that person before so that should be easy to get back to. From that place you then open yourself up to a field of possibilities that were not available before this short exercise. From there you find hope and feel more inspired.

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Find a way to detach mentally from the thoughts that have buried you; those fear-based, negative thoughts that only bring you doubt and a constant craving that is harming you right now. They will keep you in fear and from that place nothing good can manifest for you. When you open up your thinking so many more possibilities can then appear for you.

Fears of abandonment can be converted to true self-sufficiency that you should really be aiming for. Another person is not responsible for your happiness – YOU are! Create a life where you are in charge where no other can harm you in any way. You will find that building yourself up in this way begins to feel enjoyable and over time great feelings of achievement will begin unfolding within you. Your emotional freedom is what you should be aiming for. From there, you can then attract people who truly value all that you are, they are drawn to you like a magnet and are ready to give you all you ever wanted for yourself. They will reflect back the new version of yourself to you and life can then begin in new and more emotionally healthy ways. Now give your ‘child you’ a big hug and assure him or her that you are always there for them. Be who you know yourself to be, nothing else is required.

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One thought on “Have you been Abandoned?

  1. Elsa - Maria

    Hi Carole, I am missing my broken relationship for 4 yr ago and am in deeply self conscious didn’t meant to make that happen. My Life and career made me choose the good life balance but I left home on his own the man I loved mostly in my life. This week I have spoken to him very openly I little bit of how much I missed our life together and our connection having same type of hobbies when we used to have time off work. During the 4 yr neither me or him have had another person in our life when we were apart as we were to busy within our own career pursue. I still love him a bit because we have one son of 7yo in connection, he is our happiness and love, my son has been spoken about his dad saying that he want to see mummy to support him and vice versa; it incredibly very shy man who does not open his heart to speak out by him self…..Now I have not heard any word from him directly expressing or either if he wanted us to get back together.
    Please can you help me and see if it good a try to solve back our relationship?…… I love him and he also have a very stress job and life all along.
    He is from NOV1963 and Me 01Feb1965. Bless you / Elsa-Maria


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