Karmic Love

By Brenda: “Is love everything?” That is the question. The alpha and omega of all love relationships, the gold ring on the merry go round,  and the icing on the cake. But is love everything? And is it enough to sustain a long and lasting relationship?

 Love and especially true love all have one thing in common. It is that strong connection, one that defies explanation, that is felt and not seen. All true love starts with a spark an invisible lightning bolt that hits us on all levels both spiritually and physically.


So how do we know if that spark is real? A mutual attraction that will go forward into a committed relationship is like a recipe that needs specific ingredients in order to come out right.  The true love recipe absolutely must start with the “spark” and why is that? It is because that undefinable spark or energy will be the one the one sustain a relationship during challenging times ,for better or worse. Is this karma or the karmic connection the answer is yes. When we feel that instant spark we have connected with that person in another lifetime before. But are they our destiny in this lifetime or is this connection just a mask of love?

True love can wear a mask and this mask will appear for all intents and purposes as the one and true love. More often than not this type of attraction or spark comes on very fast and tends to overwhelm a person.  You can think of no one else have butterflies each time you see each other and become obsessed about each and every word or contact. You are not imagining it, they are feeling it too. But will it stand the test? the test of timing, communication and commitment? And don’t forget about availability. As a predictive psychic that specializes in love relationships I often get those questions:

“Does he or she love me?” 

“Do you see a future for us?”

“Will he or she come back to me?” 

In these instances I rely on my connection to the super-consciousness. The realm in which all things past and present reside.  Looking into a karmic connection is like interpreting the design of a giant spider web. Contained within that web are the elements that indicate if this relationship is a true, karmic and lasting love. 

Sometimes what appears as true love dwindles to a passing fancy when met with the challenges of everyday life. There can also be a feeling of deep love and connection but the timing is all wrong, he or she is not ready or available in this lifetime.  Timing one of the basic ingredients can be very tricky and frustrating . Two people will come together for a while then break up, what is this? You thought it was destiny but it was timing. And maybe the spark was only supposed to last a certain amount of time.  So did that person really love you? The answer is yes. Love and the love connection was probably very real it just did not have all the elements to go the distance. There was the spark but the timing was wrong personalities and fears added to the disconnect of what was had appeared to be a true and fated love. One thing for certain the connection between two people that incredible pull towards each other is very real but is it your personal recipe for success in this lifetime. Your feeling of love may not be enough to bridge the individual fate of your partner. 

That is why at this time in this life true love partners must have a workable connection. One in which the spark exists but so does friendship, communication and timing. When all these ingredients come together it is natural, not forced.  A true opening in which karmic love connections from past lives and into the present can thrive and go forward successfully ,you and your partner’ personal recipe for love and commitment.


Love and Light,


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