Jupiter In Sagittarius

By Barbara: Luck and good fortune from November 2018 until November 2019

Planet Jupiter moves to its own sign of Sagittarius on November 8th, for the next year. It’s all about our positivity, confidence, faith, belief, and abundance. It’s also about new opportunities, purpose and direction.

1barbara2 Jupiter’s homecoming in Sagittarius doesn’t happen that often – last time was late 2006 through 2007, so look back to see what doors opened for you then and you’ll get an idea of how this all might work for you now. Maybe you traveled more, or your travels led you to a new job or partner. Or maybe it was all about education, either learning or teaching, as Jupiter is the planet that encourages us to broaden our horizons, to open our minds and do something new. It’s also the planet associated with our beliefs and opinions – it’s what we have faith in and where we look for guidance, so maybe a spiritual journey began at that time, or faith was restored somehow.

How is Jupiter working for your sign over the next 12 months? Find out below:

Aries – New vistas and perspectives await as it’s about travel and education for you. Get your passport in order, so you’re ready at a moment’s notice. Or sign up for that college course for fun or for career purposes.

Taurus – Unknown territory is approaching, but change feels like an adventure you’re ready for. Uncertainty brings opportunity and moving on from the past opens your future in positive ways.

Gemini – For you, soulmates appear when Jupiter is near! A whole new experience of relationship and partnership awaits that are likely to benefit you in many positive ways, whether in love or business. Or both.

Cancer – It’s all about day to day schedules and occupation. Jupiter expands what it touches, so perhaps it’s about having plenty to do, and others have plenty of faith in what you do.

Leo – There’s luck and expansion in creativity and romance for the next year. It’s all about what you put your heart into and what makes your heart shine with pride and happiness. This is also the fun and entertainment part of your chart. Enjoy.

Virgo – Opportunity and expansion focus on home and family life. New doors are opening on new homes, perhaps; or there might be new additions to the family. Comfort zones, emotional bonds and nostalgia, elevates and uplift you.

Libra – Jupiter is in your communication chart for the next year, indicating an increase and opportunity from conversation or information. If you’ve ever wanted to write or talk for a living, 2019 is the year to start.

Scorpio – Expansion, faith, and opportunity are linked to income and ownership. Purchasing power is a source of faith and freedom, and new investments bring a new sense purpose and direction.

Sagittarius – Jupiter is your ruling planet, so 2019 is a very important year for you! A new sense of confidence and faith in yourself is happening, which leads to the kind of adventures you used to only dream about. Trust your inner guidance as it’s spot on.

Capricorn – You’re a realist, but Jupiter is encouraging you to surrender to your dreams, and to the positive perspectives of a situation. Go with the flow and trust the universe has your back.

Aquarius – faith, freedom, and abundance link to friendships, groups and gatherings. It’s about finding like-minds and kindred spirits on your wavelength.

Pisces – Doors of opportunity are opening in career, status, long-term goals and ambition. Luck, coincidence, and synchronicity abound when you keep the faith that all things are possible.

If you need more guidance and questions, please feel free to reach me here in LifeReader.

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