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When did you first realise you had special abilities?

Although I am blessed to have these special abilities, I would replace the word ‘special’ with ‘natural’, as that’s what they are, and they are accessible to anyone. In spiritual truth, everyone is psychic. It is a natural part of who we are. It’s just that most humans on Earth have not realised or tapped into this aspect of themselves yet. For me, my extra senses have always been open, however, it wasn’t until my adulthood that I became fully aware of their extent, and also noted that others around me did not share the same experiences in their realities.

A pivotal step in my awakening happened during a deep meditation where I did not emerge for several physical world days. I was abruptly ‘cracked open’ to see and understand all things at once, and all illusions in existence I had held as a reference completely dissolved. Nothing was the same. It took me over 2 years to fully reground and stabilise myself to the Earth plane again. During this process, all my senses remained wide open as my energy was everywhere in Oneness. It was challenging to be in the world as I was overwhelmed with multi-dimensional information about everyone I encountered. I dearly wanted to use this knowledge to help others, but as I could not ‘physically’ transform multi-dimensional information into verbal 3-dimensional terms, my knowledge remained inside my own universe. As I began to stabilise, I was grateful as a team of angels connected with me, shielded me from seeing so much at once and helped me return to realms where I became ‘separate’ from ‘others’. They guided me to communicate through Angel cards, where they would tap into the multidimensional, high vibrational information themselves and then ground it to me in definable 3-dimensional terms, to pass on to others. I am so very grateful, as this has allowed me to actively work in service as a Lightworker to help others on their journey, and to help raise the vibration of this beautiful planet one fragment at a time.

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What do tarot cards tell us, or help us figure out?

Around the 1800’s, tarot became infused with some lower vibrations as people begun to use it with an intention to control and create fear. The Angel tarot and oracle cards I’ve been guided to use however connect only to the highest vibrations of Love and Light – the Source of all creation – in order to relay Divine messages for the highest good of all. You will feel the difference when you have a reading, as you are enveloped in peace and love. The messages not only benefit you, but also create the highest outcome for everyone involved.

In very simple terms, we are energy vibrating at a particular frequency within each moment. This creates our unique reality and experience of the world. In order to live our moments in happiness, peace, fulfillment and love, we need to align with the highest vibrations in the universe – the highest being Love. Through the Angel cards, our highest potential pathway that we can tap into right now – using our free will – is presented. As our free will can be influenced by the energies around us, the Light that comes through these readings also help us by transforming the lower vibrational energies in our field that create confusion or unpleasant experiences and feelings. This leaves you with a sense of peace, understanding, awareness, and empowers you to create change to align with your highest potential.

There are endless avenues to receiving this Divine knowledge, and Angel cards are just one of them. Everything in the universe is interconnected. So it doesn’t matter what facet you look toward for Divine guidance – tarot, numerology, astrology, palm reading, meditation, prayer, chanting, nature, animals, synchronicities, religion, spirituality, art, philosophy, science, music, or conversations with a loving friend! Your pure, heartfelt intensions will always be met with answers and come through whatever avenue you give your power to – that is whatever you believe in. You are drawn to particular avenues for a reason. You are guiding yourself home in an order that is unique to you that gradually pieces your own puzzle of life together in a perfectly Divine order that makes complete, profound, life-changing sense to you. Know that you have help from anyone or anything you open your energy to using your free will. (On a side note, it is important to note that no matter what path you take, ensure you are always protected on your journey. You can do this by setting the intention and asking that it be so).

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How can I tell a real psychic from a fake one?

The best indicator is by the way it makes you feel. There is an underlying energy that connects with you that goes way beyond words. If it brings you profound clarity, insight, and leaves you with greater awareness and a deeper sense of peace – then this energy is one of Truth and Love. If it does not resonate with you beyond what is verbally said, then this information may be channeled from a lower vibrating entity that doesn’t really serve your soul’s growth. Some may satisfy your curiosity in the moment, but its power simply ends there as it does not create positive change or heal your soul on a profound level.

Can one teach someone to be psychic?

As mentioned earlier, everyone is psychic in spiritual truth and it’s a natural part of who we are. As everyone’s pathway back to self-discovery and self-realisation is completely unique however – as everyone’s moment-to-moment life experiences are unique in this lifetime and beyond – I feel you cannot really ‘teach’ someone to be psychic, but you can guide them to finding the keys that unlock their own doors to discovering their abilities for themselves. When someone is ready to tap into that part of themselves, the guidance will come – from either the outer world through people, books, signs etc, and/or from their inner world – gut feelings, knowings etc

Who was your most memorable reading ?

Honestly, every session with each of my clients is equally very special. A person receives high vibrational information and healings that are uniquely special to them in that exact Divinely timed moment. An opportunity to move a step forward on their unique journey is presented as the person’s energy field shifts into an expanded state of consciousness and awareness, where they also receive the gift of peace and knowledge in the present moment. I am immensely blessed, and so very thankful, to be apart of this beautiful process aligned in Truth and the highest good of all.

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